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Good Girls

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Three women upend their suburban lives and turn to robbery when they’re all faced with financial hardship but the fallout is much worse than they could have ever anticipated. It's quirky, well acted but falls down when the show turns them into idiots. It's not the greatest or the worst show on Netflix, just somewhere in between.

A Netflix Original, Good Girls is one of the newest offerings from the streaming service but is it any good? Well, the answer isn't very straight forward I'm afraid. I was quite uncertain about it and even after a few episodes I still hadn't made up mind as to whether or not I actually liked it so I asked a couple of friends and one said it wasn't the best but definitely not the worst thing she'd watched, the other bowed out after two episodes. So basically, there's a 50/50 chance that you'll like it. Now I realise that isn't particularly helpful so I will give you the lowdown and you can watch the Good Girls trailer above and decide for yourself.

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Christina Hendrix and Mae Whitman play two sisters – Beth and Annie, and along with their friend Ruby, played by Retta, the three women all find themselves in dire financial straits for very different reasons. Beth's husband has destroyed the family finances, Annie's ex wants full custody of their daughter and Ruby's daughter has a kidney disease and can't afford the private treatment needed to save her life. So, believing they have no other options, they decide to rob the local supermarket where Annie works but when her shady manager catches a glimpse of her and the girls get away with way more money than they thought, life gets very difficult very quickly.

Anything I write from here on in will give away too much about the plot but suffice to say, the outcome is not as comedic and feel good as you first think it will be. To give it credit, it is very well acted and the premise is solid. Where it falls down is that these three seemingly smart women could make such incredibly stupid decisions over and over again. Even when they decide to not spend any money so as to avoid any unwanted attention, one goes out and buys a Ferrari – seriously?!? Of course without those ridiculous messes there would be no show so you can see the dilemma. Could the creators have been more clever with the direction the show goes in? Definitely. Would it still be as funny. Probably not. I'm on the fence. If you do want a very good family drama then check out Sisters!


  • Solid Acting
  • Good Premise


  • Frustrating
  • Idiotic At Times


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