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When a single woman in her 30s decides to give love a chance, she ends up with a guy who looks very Good On Paper, the problem is that maybe he's not all he pretends to be. An offbeat comedy that sadly doesn't deliver as much as it should.

If you don't know who Iliza Shlesinger is, then you can check out some of her stand-up specials on Netflix. And tapping into that world is the basis for the movie Good On Paper. Having previously told a story about dating a guy who turned out to be just a teeny bit of a liar, Shlesinger has managed to create a full-on feature film from it. She plays Andrea Singer, a stand-up comedian who has been putting her career ahead of romance. Now in her 30s, she has decided that maybe she should give guys a chance and that's when she meets Dennis.

Having just bombed in an audition, she ends up sitting next to him on the aeroplane. He's charming, funny, went to Yale, is a hedge fund manager and while not necessarily her type, she at least likes spending time with him. So the two become friends until Dennis (Ryan Hansen) wants more and Andrea finally decides to dive in and go with it. But as the months roll on, things become a little odd.

She has never met his friends or family, never been to his house, doesn't really know where he works and any attempts to get to know him better are batted away with increasingly strange excuses. So while Dennis might look Good On Paper, the reality is very different. Even her friends (Margaret Cho and Rebecca Rittenhouse) know something is up with the guy!

The problem with Good On Paper, is exactly that – the story looked good on paper. The translation to the big screen is a little more underwhelming. It's so obvious from the outset that Dennis is not all he's cracked up to be that I find it hard to imagine a smart, successful, usually very intuitive woman, could fall for even half the bullsh*t that he spouts as the movie goes on.

And honestly, it's not even like she's really that into him. I could understand being blinded by love but she's so reluctant the whole way along that it should have been very obvious. That's not a spoiler by the way, as the entire plot of the movie is based on well known stand-up routine.

There is a small twist at the end but really isn't enough to redeem what is otherwise a mediocre film. Funny in parts, a more off-beat comedy but one that at times is tough to watch with zero chemistry between the leads!


  • Different Look At Dating
  • Funny In Parts
  • More Of An Offbeat Comedy


  • Painfully Obvious Plot
  • Not Believable At All
  • No Onscreen Chemistry


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