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A wholesome movie about the kindness of people in a cynical world, Good Sam is a bit cliched and predictable but overall it's quite a nice film and perfect for fans who like shows similar to Good Witch and Chesapeake Shores.

If you like ‘nice' movies then Good Sam on Netflix will be right up your street. This movie is so wholesome it could be on Hallmark. Which is not necessarily a bad thing as it does make for good family viewing. So if you're looking for a decent suitable film for movie night with the kids, then Good Sam will tick a lot of boxes.

Directed by Kate Melville, Good Sam follows local news reporter Kate Bradley on her regular beat. When she risks her life for footage of a burning building, the powers that be decide that she needs to rein it in. They decide to allocate her a story about a woman who found a bag of cash on her doorstep. Clearly not keen on the lack of drama, Kate reluctantly heads out for the story.

It transpires that not one, but four people, have all received $100K in bags left on their doorstep. So who is the good samaritan leaving the money? That's what Kate Bradley (Tiya Sircar from The Good Place) plans to find out. Along with her cameraman, she tracks down a real estate agent who ties a couple of the recipients together. But instead, she meets his brother Eric, who coincidentally is the firefighter who saved her during an earlier story.

At the same time, she must step up at various political functions as her father is a Senator and it's here that she meets Jack Hansen. The more she gets to know Jack, the more likely it becomes that he might be Good Sam. But is he?

Good Sam is an engaging story that has more substance to it than most films of this genre. It's easy to watch and Tiya Sircar is really good in the lead role. She comes across as incredibly natural and likable on screen and even though the movie is predictable, it is cute and worth a watch if you're searching for a tale about kindness and good people.


  • Good Cast Chemistry
  • Solid Moral Tale
  • Easy To Watch


  • Predictable
  • Cliched


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