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If you're a fan of Hallmark movies then this is definitely for you. Follow Cassie Nightingale and her family as they enchant the residents of Middleton and it's visitors in this perfectly sweet, very family friendly tv show. 

Good Witch has had quite the evolution. The first of the Hallmark movies was made all the way back in 2008, aptly named The Good Witch, which then prompted six follow on films over the next six years, each following Cassie Nightingale as she settles into life in Middleton, a quintessential all American town outside of Chicago. Such was the success of the movies that in 2015 it was decided to turn the franchise into a tv show with the first season airing eight episodes. Fast forward a few years and we are four seasons in – all of which are available to stream on Netflix!

Good Witch is definitely not for everyone. It is an idyllic, if somewhat wholly unrealistic view of life but it is sweet and positive and really great to watch with kids. Essentially Cassie is a witch of sorts. There are no wands or potions or spells, it's more about intuition and the more subtle ability to know exactly what people need to solve their problems. Her daughter Grace shares her gifts, as does her cousin Abigail and that's because they are descendants from the Merriwicks, who we have to assume were also very gifted. It is these talents that Cassie uses to help the townsfolk of Middleton and along with her gift shop – Bell, Book & Candle – she also has the prefect solution for whatever ails them.

Good Witch is easy watching. Everything is ideal, nobody ever has a hair out of place, makeup and clothing are immaculate, everyone is beautiful and the town is perfect. It is Hallmark all wrapped up in a beautifully hand crafted bow! And genuinely that's what's charming about it. It provides escapism in abundance and all of the characters are incredibly likeable. The stories flow and the lives of the Middleton residents and their Grey House B&B guests are all quite lovely. As I said before, it's either your cup of tea or it's not but if it's the kind of thing you generally like then you'll love it!

Update: Season 5 will begin on Hallmark in June 2019 so it should become available on Netflix soon afterwards. 


  • Very Positive
  • Sweet
  • Likeable Characters


  • Unrealistic



  1. Love the show. Really enjoy kindness most of VM the characters share.
    Absolutely dislike Abigail, she is a mean self serving manipulative jerk. I’m on season. Hopefully she’s written off soon

    • This is now over a year later since above comments by LOLO about Abigail. Thank goodness she offers a little diversion. Nothing can be much more milktoast than this series. Compared to the “stuff’ that we see today.. This is easy to watch..It’s calming in these trying times..sorry Karen , I enjoy it..


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