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Greenleaf follows the unscrupulous world of the Greenleaf family with scandalous secrets and lies, and their sprawling Memphis megachurch. It's a fast moving, totally addictive and critically acclaimed drama that is a must watch!

If you love a solid, fast moving family drama like Bloodline or Good Girls, then Greenleaf is for you. With more skeletons in closets than a haunted house on Halloween, Greenleaf is totally addictive. Billed as a Netflix Original, it did originally air on the Oprah Winfrey Network in the US in 2016 with record viewing numbers. There are currently five seasons, all of which are available on Netflix.

So what is it all about? Greenleaf is the name of a family that has a sprawling Memphis megachurch. Having stayed away for nearly 20 years, Grace Greenleaf, returns with her own daughter, following the death of her sister Faith. The story goes that Faith had been abused as a teenager, by their Uncle, Mac McCready. When nobody except Grace believed her, Faith went off the rails and a disgusted Grace left the family and headed to Arizona. But now Faith is dead and Grace is back to uncover the scandalous secrets and lies of the family and finally bring the truth out into the open.

This show is so well cast. Keith David (They Live) plays Bishop James Greenleaf, the father and head of the church. As a character he is constantly torn between his faith and profit. Lynn Whitfield plays Mae Greenleaf, the family Matriarch and first lady of the church. She is a doozy. As characters go she has almost no redeemable features. She is manipulative and underhanded and despite all her biblical preachings, has almost no moral compass. Merle Dandridge plays Grace. Her attempts to navigate the family waters to unearth the truth are difficult. With a father who adores her, a mother who hates her, and an Uncle who will at nothing to silence her, she has her work well and truly cut out for her.

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Her only real ally is her Aunt, Mavis McCready. She is played by Oprah Winfrey and unlike her ultra-religious (but awful) brother and sister (Mac and Mae) she is content to run her bar and help Grace bring Mac to justice. And as if Greenleaf couldn't get any better there are also other family members in the mix with their own sets of problems.

Greenleaf has it all. Greed, corruption, deceit, infidelity and family drama in abundance. It is totally addictive and an absolute winner.



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  • Fast Moving
  • Scandalous
  • Addictive



  1. This is so funny Just shows a caricature of black people using religion to build themselves up socially and shows a section that falls into the trap of wealth over humanity This unfortunately shows up the minority who can’t resist the lure of trappings and power over the needs of the people who they orinally claimed to represent.very sad,but what do you do? Stop supporting them,first step.What do you do when they claim that they have done wrong and want to change? Easy, don’t believe them! Choose people you know who will do the right thing by you but at the same time keep questioning them. Don’t take their word for everything that they do.Question everyone and everything.They don’t always have the right answers.

  2. Not sure if I can put up with Grace’s 3 expressions ! That is all she’s got! And then we have Lady Mai ! Eyebrows up against her wig then trying hard to be menacing,eyes half closed and the lips trying to keep a straight line when she wants to be menacing! Absolutely hilarious! Then you have the guest stars who try to act Patty labelle Oprah ! The list goes on ! If the cast wanted to act sincerely then get actors!

  3. I just can’t stop commenting Now we see Chastity high ,ffs she is supposed to be high in less than 12 hours,and they’re all in the hospital chapel?All I’m doing is laughing ,the acting is so wrong! What did you want to do in the first place? Outing corruption in mega churches or portraying a dynasty type soap opera that will just make people laugh?I am baffled What audience were you aiming for? It certainly was not for thoes who actually believe! I myself am not one of thoes.Couldn’t care less but I reckon you may have alienated the so called faithful! Absolutely hilarious ! Talk about shooting yourselves in your own foot!

  4. Oh dear oh dear! Was this meant to be a caricature? If so,it definitely was! The lingering pauses on the actors faces in supposedly serious moments Absolutely hilarious! There are only three faces ,Lips open in concern,slightly furrowed brow and wide smile that doesn’t last all that long! Wow! It is entertaining but so bad!The fumbling sex scenes were the worst! Could not stop giggling!


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