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A wildly chaotic crime comedy that is packed full of twists and a great ending. One of those films that's hard to tell if it is actually meant to be that bad, but due to the incredible cast becomes significantly better than it should have been.

Gringo is an outrageous tale that focuses on the character Harold Soyinka. Harry's life seems great at first, but nothing is ever that simple. His corrupt employers are playing with fire, creating a medicinal cannabis product in Mexico. They plan to be ahead of the game when the laws in the US are relaxed. But things work differently in Mexico and they are about to find out the hard way. Everyone involved, except poor Harry, is out to get it their own way and will stop at nothing to succeed.

This is a wild script that has so many layers it is hard to digest. However, director Nash Edgerton does a great job in piecing it together. The crazy plot on top of plot, launches off in every direction but somehow does manage to keep the audience on track. The script is so out there that it is genuinely hard to believe it is so bad. So you end up questioning if it is intended to be so messed up.

One thing that does really stand out in the film is the amazing cast. David Oyelowo, the critically acclaimed actor famous for playing Martin Luther King plays Harold. Yes as you would expect, he is great and is genuinely funny too. Charlize Theron (Long Shot) is incredible in a thoroughly unlikable role. Brother of the Director, Joel Edgerton works brilliantly with his co-stars and Sharlto Copley is as fantastic as ever. In fact, it is the incredible talent of the cast that makes this film become a pleasurable experience.

This film could, or should have, been terrible. Even with the amazing cast, at times I felt like giving up on it. This style of film can be tremendously predictable. However, it really does manage to bring something a little different to the audience. It is not going to be listed for any big awards, that is for sure. But if you are looking for something a bit twisted with heaps of dark humour, Gringo is a good choice to watch next on Amazon Prime.

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  • Outstanding Cast
  • Some Genuinely Funny Moments
  • Actually better than it first Appears


  • Chaotic Plots
  • Tremendously hard to follow
  • Too long


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