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Adapted from the best-selling video game franchise, Halo follows the story of Master Chief and his fellow Spartans against a relentless alien force known as The Covenant. It’s a thrilling ride full of action, drama, and suspense that will keep viewers on their toes.

When a beloved game franchise is turned into a movie or series, there is always the potential for disappointment. Fans of the Halo game will be familiar with Master Chief, Cortana and the Halo universe that they inhabit. Halo: The Series is an ambitious attempt to capture this complex world in a TV format.

The epic clash between humans and an extraterrestrial force called the Covenant drives the narrative of Halo. This intergalactic struggle is explored through the lens of Master Chief's heroic journey as he defends humanity from the invaders.

The show also delves into the relationship between Cortana, a powerful Artificial Intelligence, and Chief, as well as exploring themes such as faith and duty in a military sci-fi setting.

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Is Halo Worth Watching?

Before we dive into the big question – should you watch Halo? – let's talk about Console Games that have been adapted for big and small screens.

It's worth pointing out that few adaptations of popular game franchises have successfully made the transition to live-action.

The list of terrible movies and TV shows that have been produced based on video games is long and varied, from movies like Mortal Kombat (1995) to Assassin's Creed (2016) to TV shows such as The Legend of Zelda.

Even movies and shows which can be considered successful adaptations, such as The Witcher or Detective Pikachu, are often seen as inferior to the original source material.

In the same way, a film is never as good as the book it’s based on; a movie or show based on a popular video game can never hope to match the experience of playing the original.

All things considered, Halo's adaptation into a series is one of the better console game adaptations to date.

Hardcore fans will no doubt hate the various RetCon changes that have been made to the Halo universe. However, for those who are new to Halo and just want a good sci-fi drama, Halo is certainly worth watching.


The visual effects are decent enough, although they don't come close to the quality seen in Lost In Space. Nevertheless, the characters are likeable, making Halo an enjoyable ride from start to finish.

Halo is an example of how video game adaptations can succeed, and it's definitely worth checking out.

Cast of Halo TV Series

Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber)

Pablo Schreiber takes on the main role of the legendary supersoldier. Schreiber is an American actor who has been in a variety of films throughout his career. He is best known for his roles as Nick Sobotka in The Wire, and “Pornstache” in Orange Is the New Black.

He gives an impressive performance as Master Chief and portrays the character's inner turmoil. Schreiber is the perfect choice for this role; he's a mighty 6'5″, only slightly shorter than Master Chief, who stands at an impressive 6'10”.

Admiral Margaret Parangosky (Shabana Azmi)

Shabana Azmi is a veteran Indian actress who plays the role of UNSC Admiral Margaret Parangosky. She is a commanding presence in Halo and brings a sense of gravity to the war room scenes. I was shocked to discover the actress is 72-years-old; she looks fantastic.

Makee (Charlie Murphy)

Although the character Makee doesn't feature in the Halo games, she is an important part of Halo: The Series. Her inclusion contributes significantly to the plot, and she appears to be an essential element in the story, just like Gaius Baltar did on Battlestar Galactica.

Makee is played by Irish actress Charlie Murphy, who is perhaps best known for her roles in Peaky Blinders, The Last Kingdom and '71.

Kwan Ha (Yerin Ha)

Kwan Ha in Halo: The Television Series, is portrayed by Korean-Australian actress Yerin Ha. She got her first big role on Reef Break and has appeared in a number of Australian television shows.

Dr. Miranda Keyes (Olive Gray)

Dr. Miranda Keyes is a major player in the iconic Halo franchise, carrying on her parents' legacies as the daughter of Captain Jacob Keyes and Doctor Catherine Halsey – two legendary figures in UNSC Navy history.

Olive Gray takes on this role in the TV series; Gray has appeared in various British television shows such as Fleabag, Eastenders and Sex Education.

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There's something for everyone on this comprehensive list, whether it be action-packed space operas or post-apocalyptic thrillers. So check out our list and find a show that suits your taste.

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