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Happy! follows a disgraced former FBI agent through his psychotic hitman life with his imaginary side-kick 'Happy'. It is as bonkers as it sounds. Dark, dark, dark comedy with gruesome undertones but is still surprisingly entertaining.

Nothing can strike fear into the heart quite as much as when the words ‘SyFy Original’ splash over the opening of a show.

SyFy tends to fund shows that vary between dull and zany (the excellent space marauding show Dark Matter notwithstanding).

Happy! fits very much in the ‘zany’ category and after the first episode, I had the creeping suspicion that I’d made a terrible mistake by tuning in.

What Is Happy! About?

Nick Sax is a disgraced former NYPD officer. Kicked out for, among many things, using ‘excessive force’ in the name of justice, he now spends his time wallowing in drink and drugs.

Sax (Christopher Meloni) now picks up his pay-checks by redirecting his skills into hitman work.

But the kicker of the show is that, after an unfortunate heart attack incident, Sax (and only Sax) can see Happy, the imaginary friend of Hailey, a kidnapped little girl.

Happy is a blue flying unicorn (voiced by Patton Oswalt) who begs Sax to find Hailey before it is too late.

That may sound a little silly, sure. But here’s a random assortment of other things that turn up in Happy!: a crack-addicted psychotic bad Santa; demonic possession; someone’s intestine ripped out after being impaled by a sports trophy; a gruesome microwave-based murder; a group therapy session for forgotten imaginary friends; and an insect-themed costume sex party.

Happy! is a show that throws a sticky mess of black comedy, grizzled action, horrific death, and random supernatural elements at the wall and lets them all slip-slide down into one intermingled puddle of…something.

Happy! Official Trailer

Is Happy! Worth Watching?

Episode 1, I hate the show immediately. The wonky camera angles screaming for attention annoyed me. The kerrrrazy overacting irritated me. The convoluted plotting frustrated me.

It was everything you expected a SyFy show to be and worse. I had no idea how I was going to sit through only 8 episodes of this stuff.

But something peculiar happened. Somewhere between Chinatown erupting into a ‘let’s kill Nick Sax’ party and meth Santa’s talking sock puppet hand, my brain switched into the show’s mentality and it all clicked into place.

Really the big draw here is Meloni as Sax. His angry and cynical persona gradually warms to Happy’s cartoony childish cheerfulness.

The mission to rescue kidnapped children may be wrapped around various layers of extra plot nonsense but his performance is amusingly OTT. Damn, that man can act with his eyebrows!

The ‘reluctant buddy’ angle is one the show does well and it has all the best laughs and wince-worthy fights. When he isn’t on the screen the show wobbles between five other genres and struggles because of it.

Ah yes, the side plots. Well, Meth Santa and kidnapped Hailey give rise to lots of Christmas themed horror stylings.

Blue, a very weary but lethal mob boss, provides the gangster plot lines. His sister (mother to four sons murdered by Sax in episode one) is being followed around by a reality show film crew and so her sections are part satire, part plot thread tie-up.

Sax’s former partner Meredith (Lili Mirojnick) is investigating the kidnappings but is also in the pocket of Blue, so she brings in the cop procedural element.

Blue himself is under orders to deliver children by a mysterious figure, inexplicably dressed in a huge fly costume. This ups the ‘psycho’ quota a few more notches.

Happy!isn’t for everyone. It’s so in love with its own wackiness that it can’t bear to not use every idea that bubbles up. Which, simply dilutes the good stuff at its core.

But if you are still watching after episode 2 then there is plenty here to entertain. As a result, we give it a tentative recommendation because, if nothing else, you won’t watch another show that’s anything like it.

Words by Michael Record

How Many Seasons Of Happy?

Sadly, Happy! only aired for two seasons from 2017 to 2019. There are eight episodes in the first season and ten in the second.

The second season picks up after the events of the first season, with Nick trying to live a better life.

However, he is quickly pulled back into a life of violence and chaos. The season introduces new characters and delves deeper into the dark underworld of crime and corruption.

Nick and Happy continue to work together, despite their differences, to solve new mysteries and save those in need.

Why Was Happy Cancelled?

The show's viewership declined over the course of its run. The first season had decent ratings, but there was a significant drop in the number of viewers during the second season.

This, along with a mixed critical reception didn't help. The show received praise for its unique style, dark humour, and Christopher Meloni's performance.

However, it also received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised its originality and boldness, while others found it overly violent and chaotic.

Throw in high production costs needed to create the high-quality special effects, like the animated character Happy and it's likely a combination of these factors led to the cancellation of Happy! after its second season.

Cast Of Happy! TV Series

Christopher Meloni as Nick Sax, a former detective turned hitman who is cynical, troubled, and has a penchant for substance abuse.

Patton Oswalt as the voice of Happy, a small, blue, winged unicorn who is the imaginary friend of Hailey. He is relentlessly optimistic, innocent, and determined to help Hailey at any cost.

Ritchie Coster as Francisco “Mr. Blue” Scaramucci, a powerful and ruthless mob boss who becomes one of the main antagonists of the series.

Lili Mirojnick as Detective Meredith “Merry” McCarthy, a determined and resourceful detective who has a complicated past with Nick.

Medina Senghore as Amanda Hansen, Hailey’s mother who is frantic and determined to find her missing daughter.

Bryce Lorenzo as Hailey Hansen, the young girl who is kidnapped, leading to the events of the series.

Where To Watch Happy!

In most countries, you can watch Happy! on Netflix.


  • Meloni Is Superb
  • OTT Fight Scenes
  • A Bemusing Mess Of A Show


  • Side Plots Vary Wildly In Interest
  • Throws Everything In Plus The Kitchen Sink
  • Meredith's Character Is Dull


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