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A Netflix series exploring the history of computer gaming from Space Invaders to Doom. Get the inside story behind the most significant games ever released. If you enjoyed shows like 'Toys That Made Us' you'll love this too.

Gamers will love this deep dive into the computer and console games that defined a generation.

Take a nostalgic trip back the heyday of gaming with High Score. Even non-gamers will enjoy this detailed exploration of the gaming scene from the late 1970s to the early 1990s. Each episode focuses on a specific period in gaming history. With the use of animation, game footage and interviews the series explains the backstories behind classic titles such as Donkey Kong, Mario and Mortal Kombat.

The show explores how developers continually pushed the technology beyond the bounds of what was deemed possible. Fortunes were made and lost, companies sued and countersued.

These are the stories behind the games we all know and love. But how much do we really know about Pac-Man? Do you know why Pac-Man is shaped the way he is? Did you know that when the game was launched in Japan, the Central Bank was forced to mint millions of 100 yen coins?

In one episode, ‘High Score‘ tells how a group of University students hacked a Pac-Man machine to make it more challenging to play. The students raked in over $250,000 selling their Pac-Man conversion kits to arcades during spring break. Much to the annoyance of the game manufacturers – the college kids became entangled in a $6 million lawsuit!

Anyone who has watched ‘Toys That Made Us‘ will get the idea behind this show. In many ways, the format is very similar – and it works! The mix of animation, interviews and narration takes a subject matter that could be dull and makes it compelling viewing.

Overall, this is an enjoyable series, episodes run at 40 minutes, and you get six to binge. Grab your joystick and transport yourself back to a time when gaming was all about getting your initials against the High Score.


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  • Informative
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