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Hollywood Houselift follows interior designer Jeff Lewis as he revamps and redesigns the homes of celebrities. With huge budgets and even bigger projects, the makeover show is must-watch tv.

Who doesn't love a great home makeover show? They have been the staple of cable tv for decades with entire networks dedicated to home improvements.

And now we have Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis.

I'm not gonna lie, I love this show even if Amazon insist on dropping it one episode at a time!

And I confess, I had never heard of Jeff Lewis so the whole show was a delightful surprise.

Here's how Hollywood Houselift works…

What is Hollywood Houselift About?

Jeff Lewis is an American interior designer, and television and radio personality. His clients are mostly celebrities but unlike some shows, he doesn't transform rooms in a handy 40-minute episode.

The jobs are simply too big, require weeks if not months of planning and work and as such the makeovers continue from week to week.

Each makeover starts with Jeff meeting the client, figuring out what they want and looking at the budget to see what can be done.

The budgets are not for the faint-hearted. Melissa rivers spent nearly $150,000 on a BATHROOM! Seriously, her toilet roll holder cost $700!

As each job gets underway, Jeff meets a new client and the process begins again. So what you get is a whole series of makeovers at various stages of completion.

Then at the end of each episode, one job is finished and we get to see what millionaire celebs spend their money on and how the transformation turned out.

Hollywood Houselift Official Trailer

Is Hollywood Houselift Worth Watching?

If reality tv home makeovers, like Dream Home Makeover, are your thing then Hollywood Houselift is must-watch tv.

Jeff Lewis is unintentionally hilarious and his commentary on what the celebs want is eye-opening especially when he's talking to his assistant Shane Douglas.

What's interesting is just how much input the clients have. They literally choose every single item that goes into the design and their standards are incredibly high.

Jeff Lewis doesn't always agree so the compromise process is interesting. As is the fact that this is far more realistic with delays in getting certain products, items costing more than anticipated, going over budget etc…

Hollywood Houselift is addictive so if you want to watch interior designer Jeff Lewis and his new assistant Shane Douglas as they work on home remodeling projects for Hollywood celebrities, you can catch it on Prime Video.

Who Is Jeff Lewis?

If you haven't heard of Jeff Lewis before Hollywood Houselift, he is the interior designer to the stars.

He started his own design firm, Jeff Lewis Design, in 2009 and by 2010 was asked by House Beautiful to design their “Kitchen of the Year,” which was showcased at Rockefeller Center.

He has his own lines of products for homes such as paints, rugs, tiles, and doors and when not designing hosts a radio show, Jeff Lewis Live, on Sirius XM.

How Many Seasons Of Hollywood Houselift?

There are currently two seasons of the show available on Amazon.

The second season began airing in December 2023 and it follows the format of the first season.

So it has 10 episodes, with each dropping weekly until January 31st 2024.

Clients in this season include Josh Duhamel and Gina Rodriguez (Not Dead Yet).

Hollywood Houselife Celebrity Clients

Hollywood Houselift would be less Hollywood if it weren't for the celebrities in the show.

Produced by Allison Grodner, Jeff Lewis, Rich Meehan, Billy Taylor the show features the following celebs…

Anthony Anderson – needs the front driveway at his new house overhauled

Melissa Rivers – bathroom redesign

Fortune Feimster – needs to improve the frontage of her home

Wilmer Valderrama – redoing the family room, dining room and hallway

Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross- re-doing the master bedroom

Lamorne Morris – garden summerhouse makeover

Mira Sorvino – needs the pool and backgarden completely re-done after a wildfire damaged it

Roselyn Sanchez – needs to makeover a guest bedroom and turn it into a podcast studio

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  • Amazing How The Other Half Live
  • Jeff Lewis Is Great TV
  • Designs Are Incredible


  • Jaw Dropping Budgets
  • Very Hard To Relate
  • Moves At A Slower Pace Than Viewers Are Used To


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