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The always lovely Reese Witherspoon plays Alice Kinney, a recently separated mum of two girls who decides to move back to Los Angeles and ends up with three houseguests that suddenly make her life so much more complicated. It's not great and there is much better movies on Netflix. Sorry!

In Home Again the always lovely Reese Witherspoon plays Alice Kinney, a recently separated mum of two girls who decides to move back to Los Angeles having previously lived in New York. Alice's dad was a serious film producer and thankfully left her a massive and beautiful LA home which she now lives in. We meet Alice as she is trying to start her own business, is run off her feet as a single mum of two and is also turning 40. On the night of said birthday Alice hits the town with her friends and meets Harry, George and Teddy, three young filmmakers who need a place to live.

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After being convinced by her Mum, played by Candice Bergen, she lets the three guys stay in the guest house temporarily and things soon get complicated. She falls for Harry and her ex, played by Michael Sheen, shows up with a suitcase in his hand hoping to try again on their marriage. And that my friends is the entire plot of this movie. Honestly. That's it. So I have two questions. 1 – how on earth did they manage to persuade Reese Witherspoon, Candice Bergen and Michael Sheen to star in this? And 2 – how on earth did anybody manage to drag Home Again out for nearly one hour and forty minutes???

It's naff as hell, dripping in saccharine and is so cheesy I could smell the brie through the tv. It's a directorial debut for Hallie Meyers-Shyer, daughter of Nancy Meyers the queen of rom-coms, but it's so exacting and so precise and so formulaic that I was thrilled when it ended. Beautiful people living in beautiful houses with beautiful relationships is essentially the foundation of the whole story and while I adore a good rom-com as much as the next person, there was just nothing about Home Again that resonated. And I love Reese Witherspoon so it is actually difficult for me to be so critical but honestly, swerve Home Again, there's so much more on Netflix worth watching including To All The Boys I've Loved Before which is soooooo much better!



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  • Saccharine
  • Cheesy
  • Naff


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