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A decent sitcom with a few laughs, Home Economics follows three adult siblings, all at different levels of financial security, as one decides to write a book about the family. Easy to watch tv.

Some sitcoms take a little time to warm up. You know the kind – they start off a bit clunky, and you're not sure if it's because it's a pilot or because it's just not good. Home Economics slots into that category.

Created and written by Michael Colton and John Aboud for the ABC network, Home Economics stars Topher Grace, Caitlin McGee, Jimmy Tatro, Karla Souza and
Sasheer Zamata, and with three seasons, there are plenty of laughs to be had if you tune into it on Paramount+.

But what is it about and is it worth watching?

What Is Home Economics About?

Home Economics is a sitcom along the lines of Life in Pieces or Modern Family. Topher Grace plays Tom Hayworth, a best-selling author whose last book didn't sell so well.

So now he has decided to write a novel about himself and his two siblings, Sarah and Connor. The three currently find themselves living at vastly different levels of financial security from one another.

Connor is a newly divorced millionaire who has just moved back to the Bay Area with his daughter. Tom is married to Marina, and they have three children. Sarah is married to Denise, and they have two children.

So what we have is the millionaire capitalist, the middle class guy and the uber left-wing broke activist. And it's how they all interact with each other, coming from such different perspectives, that forms the foundation of the comedy.

Each episode becomes a new chapter in Tom's book. The only problem is that his siblings don't know he's writing a book about them.

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Is Home Economics Worth Watching?

What we have with Home Economics is a sitcom about the frustrating relationship between three adult siblings. And honestly, the first season gets off to a rocky start.

The jokes don't land very often, and Sarah overplays the progressive activist to the extent that absolutely everything anyone does is somehow offensive. Not sure if she's a vegan? Don't worry; she'll tell you in every episode.

And that initially is the biggest problem. The writers have seen fit to lumber Sarah with every left-wing trope and cliche known to man. Lesbian, vegan, feminist, activist, broke, environmentalist…the list goes on.

Likewise for Connor, the fun uncle, who, despite not being the sharpest tool in the box, is somehow a multi-millionaire living in a house he bought from Matt Damon!

The good news is that once their characters are established over the first few episodes and we all have the lay of the land, they settle down and we start to get into the crux of the comedy and the banter between each other.

The first season only has seven episodes, so it's the second season before you can genuinely enjoy Home Economics. All of the character traits that were so annoying in the first season, become the butt of the jokes in the second, and actually, it becomes good fun. Thankfully that continues into the third season.

With well-cast siblings and a great cast overall, each episode exudes believable chemistry and a real sense of family dynamics between three siblings who all have their own life issues.

If you love an easy breezy sitcom, then check out Home Economics, which will easily pass the time.

Did ABC Cancel Home Economics?

Technically, Home Economics has not been cancelled, and season 4 is still in play though there has been no official confirmation as of yet.

On the plus side, ABC Signature has extended the options on the primary cast beyond its most recent deadline. However, the series is still in limbo at ABC.

According to TV Line, exec producer Michael Colton remains optimistic about the sitcom’s chances of seeing a fourth season.

He said “We know the network is very happy with the show.

“And we have a very devoted fan base. We’re just waiting for the right people to weigh in. It’s a process.

“But we’re planning to come back. We have a lot more stories to tell. We’re hopeful.”

Home Economics TV Series Cast

Topher Grace (That 70s Show) as Tom, a middle-class author who is struggling. He is the oldest of the three siblings, and is married to Marina.

Caitlin McGee as Sarah, the middle sibling, a child therapist who is barely making ends meet. She is married to Denise and has two adopted kids.

Jimmy Tatro (American Vandal) as Connor, the youngest sibling, who runs his own private equity firm and is very well off. He is getting divorced and has a daughter, Gretchen.

Karla Souza as Marina, a former lawyer who is Tom's wife, now raising their three children as a stay-at-home mom.

Sasheer Zamata as Denise, a teacher who is Sarah's wife

Shiloh Bearman as Gretchen, Connor's daughter

Jordyn Curet as Shamiah, Sarah's and Denise's daughter

JeCobi Swain as Kelvin, Sarah's and Denise's son

Chloe Jo Rountree as Camila, Tom's and Marina's daughter

Lidia Porto as Lupe, Connor's housekeeper

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  • Gets Better With Each Episode
  • Well Cast With Distinctive Characters
  • Decent Sitcom


  • Can Feel Quite Preachy
  • Takes A While For The Show To Settle
  • Trying Too hard To Replace Modern Family


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