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The Hookup Plan

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Struggling to get over her ex, Elsa's friends decide to pay for a male escort to pose as a boyfriend to help her move on. What they don't don't bank on is Elsa falling for him and worse, him falling for her. This is a great French show with plenty of fun, romance, and even more drama.

The Hookup Plan is absolutely addictive. If you start watching it you won't stop until all 8 episodes are over. SPOILER ALERT: The ending will have you throwing the remote control at the tv. It is the mother of all cliff hangers. And you'll definitely want to know if Season 2 is in the pipeline so read on for more info. Check out my update below!!

Now that my rant is out of the way here goes…

The Hookup Plan, also known as Plan Coeur, is a French rom-com series that ticks all the boxes. Three best girl friends are either dating or married to three best guy friends. But Elsa, played by Zita Hanrot, and Max have split up and Elsa can't move on. In fact it's been quite a while since they parted ways and he is with somebody new. Lost and spiralling, Elsa really needs to get over Max and move on. That's when her best friend Charlotte decides to hire a male escort to pose as a date.

Jules Dupont, played by the ridiculously gorgeous Marc Ruchmann, is the guy in question. Having pretended to find her phone, they arrange to meet and go on a date. But Elsa is still crippled with insecurities, can't believe a guy like Jules finds her interesting so rejects his advances. Charlotte pays for a second date and again, the two have a great time but now Elsa starts to really like him.

Out of money, Charlotte ropes their friend Milou in on the action and she agrees to pay for a third date. And that's when the magic happens (wink wink). It's also the date that Jules tells Elsa he has been offered a new job and they shouldn't see each other anymore.

Poor Elsa, now falling head over heels for Jules, is devastated. Still oblivious to the fact that her friends paid the guy to date her, her problems only worsen when her ex gets engaged. The friends think they're off the hook until it becomes apparent that Jules has also fallen for Elsa.

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Now they have to scramble to break them up so nobody finds out. But that's the least of their problems. Control freak Milou is pregnant and her relationship is on the rocks. Charlotte is completely directionless in life and is struggling to even keep her head above water. And with more problems than they can cope with the house of cards is coming down on this group of friends. Is true love on the cards for any of them?

Update: Season 2 is on the way. Marc Ruchmann put an interesting post on Instagram. On April 18th 2019 he added a pic titled ‘Last day of shoot', tagged all of his fellow cast mates and added #netflix #saison2 #plancoeur. Season 2 now has an official drop date and it is October 11th 2019!


  • Marc Ruchmann
  • Great Cast
  • Funny And Dramatic


  • The Ending!!



  1. I hope they would be a season 2 on
    Netflix The Hook Up Plan ….. I luv the
    Romance story of Eliza n Jules …. I got so
    Hook on it.. I just hope you well ….. the
    Best French TV show I ever seen

  2. Seriously… *sigh* .. I want to know NOW !!!!!

  3. There needs to be a season 2!! I’m addicted!

  4. This show was awesome. We absolutely need a season 2!

  5. I was so disappointed to find out there was no second season. Upset actually. I was just into the show and it was finished. I hope Netflix keeps going with this show, it was good

  6. Really enjoyed this show! The romance between Jules and Elsa is so engrossing. They have so much chemistry. Now… the ending.. you’re torturing us Netflix! Please please please put out a season 2 and please finish that one scene! Also the music, the song at the end by Frederic Magnon, Close to Me is so beautiful.

  7. I really love this show. It made me cry and laugh. But the ending was a definite cliffhanger. I hope Netflix puts on season 2.

  8. Great story, wonderful actors, loved the french music. Elsa is outstanding but the ending left me wanting more. I am sure we will see a Season 2, right Netflix??

  9. Me too. Loved it. Made me weep and laugh in equal measure. Don’t let us down, Netflic – give us more!

  10. Tbh I watched them all in rapid success until the final episode. Then, I fast forward to see if the starring couple would unite. Ugh!!! I need season 2 NOW!!! Plz Netflix, don’t make us wait!


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