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A child has gone missing and a small-town detective must find the kidnappers. But all is not what it seems especially as when somebody or something is lurking in his house. I See You is an eerie thriller with plenty of twists to keep you hooked.

A child has gone missing and lead investigator Greg Harper is on the case. At least that's the premise of I See You, the horror film that is more thriller than anything else.

However, it quickly becomes clear that there is far more to the story than simply finding the young boy.

The Harper's live in a huge house, but dysfunction in the family is rife. Jackie Harper (Helen Hunt) has had an affair, and the tension is palpable. Her son hates her and her husband is sleeping in the guest room.

But all the while something or somebody is lurking in the house watching the drama unfold. Strange occurrences such as pictures getting removed from their frames, the tv turning on by itself etc…happen every day. But with so much in-fighting, none of them has noticed.

Halfway through I See You the narrative changes and we get to watch the story unfold again, this time from another perspective. Essentially the mysteries and puzzles of the first half are answered in the second half.

And this is where the thrills get ramped up. Not everything is as it seems. The twists come thick and fast and as the search for the missing child continues the body count starts to rack up.

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Is I See You Worth Watching?

I don't want to give away any spoilers, so it's tricky to really get into the heart of the film.

But I will say that it really isn't a horror movie. Sure, there are a few jumps and a couple of “I didn't see that coming” moments, but overall it is very much a thriller.

Jon Tenney (The Best Of Me) as Greg kept the movie going with a pretty decent performance as a man trying to hold it all together.

However, the rest of the cast didn't have a lot to do. And I'm not sure what happened to Helen Hunt, but her expressionless face was kind of distracting.

That said, the score of the entire film really brought it to life. The creepy music added that nervy vibe that always let you know something was amiss with the family.

From director Adam Randall, I See You is an eerie suspenseful movie that was peppered with genuine surprises.

Definitely one to watch if you like the genre.

I See You Movie Cast

Helen Hunt as Jackie Harper, a wife so consumed by family drama she doesn't notice what's happening in her own home

Jon Tenney as Greg Harper, a small town detective trying to solve the case of a missing child

Owen Teague as Alec

Judah Lewis as Connor Harper, Greg's son

Libe Barer as Mindy

Gregory Alan Williams as Spitzky, Harper's partner

Erika Alexander as Lieutenant Moriah Davis

Allison King as Officer Grace Caleb

Adam Kern as Window Repairman

Jeremy Gladen as Tommy Braun

Teri Clark as Mrs. Braun

Nicole Forester as Mrs. Whitter


  • Clever Twist Telling The Story In Two Halves
  • Eerie And Suspenseful
  • Solid Performance From Jon Tenney


  • Helen Hunt Was Distracting
  • Movie Felt Rushed


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