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Ibiza is an alcohol fuelled laugh about three friends binning off work and having a good time. Written by Will Ferrell, if you're looking for the perfect girls’ night in movie with a bottle of Pinot and a few belly laughs, this will tick all the boxes.

Ibiza is a raunchy comedy written by comedy icon Will Ferrell and his sidekick Adam McKay. It follows the drug-filled escapades of three best friends surfing the clubs of Barcelona and Ibiza.

The film opens with a scene between Harper, played by Gillian Jacobs, and her dictatorial, dragon-like boss. The horrible boss Sarah is played hilariously by Michaela Watkins. You may recognise her from ‘Casual' (read review here!). Sarah sends Harper on a business trip to Barcelona to charm the backside off a prospective Sangria selling client. When her best friends get wind of the trip, it soon turns into the naughty girls vacation that is Ibiza. Incidentally, this is perfectly described using a bucket reference by the fire-breathing Sarah in the later part of the girls debauchery!

Harper soon finds herself attracted to gorgeous DJ, Leo (Richard Madden; Games of Throne and Bodyguard). She eagerly accepts his offer to meet him backstage but reality hits and she discovers he simply wants to wipe off the huge fluorescent penis artwork on her face! The meeting soon results in Harper binning her work commitments, despite telling Sarah she hasn’t slept due to working on her presentation, to follow Mr Hunky to his gig in Ibiza. This soon leads to a string of over-the-top occurrences and a plethora of one-liners and gags between the three friends. That includes Bayer enjoying a one sided conversation with a cell phone, on a treadmill, following the consumption of various narcotics and alcohol.

Nikki’s hilarious sun burnt face, combined with Leah’s need to constantly find a man and Jacobs’ portrayal of the loved up Harper all contribute to the deafening dance frenzy and exhausting madness which encompasses Ibiza. Not to mention the beautiful Leo…

Ibiza is worth a watch but don’t expect a breath-taking plot. It's a movie about having a laugh over a predictably mad weekend. For a girls’ night in with a bottle of Pinot and a few belly laughs, this will tick all the boxes. Whether you remember it the next day is another matter….


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