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30-year-old Emma lives an unfilled life until a glitch in time gives her the chance to go back ten years and make completely different decisions in If Only, a Spanish rom-com series.

The idea that we could possibly go back in time or change our fate has always been an appealing one. We saw it with the film Sliding Doors and more recently with Look Both Ways. And now we have it with If Only.

What Is If Only About?

A Spanish tv series, If Only follows Emma, a 30-year-old woman who is disappointed with her ten-year marriage to Nando. Her life has lost its lustre, and she's fed up.

Trapped in a routine without any excitement or romance, she knows that if she could go back in time, she would not accept Nando's marriage proposal.

A couple of days later, and on the brink of divorce, she goes on a trip to see a rare lunar eclipse with her friends.

However, a glitch in time sends her back 10 years earlier to 2008, where her 30-year-old mind is trapped in her 20-year-old body.

Finding herself back at the exact point when Nando proposes, Emma decides to say no, changing her life completely.

With a chance to reevaluate who she was and who she wants to become, Emma begins her new life already knowing what the next decade holds for the world.

So can she get the life she always wanted? Or is the grass not as greener on the other side? Missing her children, Emma must decide her own fate in this very quirky Spanish show, If Only.

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Is If Only Worth Watching?

Known as Si lo hubiera sabido in Spanish, If Only is a quirky comedy-drama that explores one woman's dreams for a more interesting life.

And, if we're being honest, who hasn't wondered how their life would have turned out had they made different choices?

What makes If Only a decent watch is that rather than shoving the whole story into a romcom-sized movie, they give the plot and characters time to evolve in a full season.

Megan Montaner is great as Emma, a woman who gave up everything for her family. Now she has the chance to pursue a dream career, potentially find another and live a completely different life.

But nothing is that straightforward, and If Only does a solid job of giving the viewer the pros and cons of that decision.

It's a really entertaining and thought proving comedy-drama, with plenty of romance thrown in for good measure.

So is If Only worth watching? It's going to appeal to a certain demographic, so if you love a good romcom, then this will be for you.

If Only Release Date

Directed by Liliana Bocanegra, the series was originally written by Ece Yörenç as a Turkish series. However, the plans were changed, and the original script was adapted by Irma Correa for a Spanish show instead.

Filming began in 2021, and the whole show was eventually completed in October 2022.

Netflix confirmed that If Only would be released on October 28th 2022.

If Only Netflix Cast

Megan Montaner as Emma, a bored housewife who, on the verge of divorce, gets the chance to relive the last ten years of her life.

Miquel Fernández as Nando, Emma's husband, who she then refuses to marry when she goes back in time.

Michel Noher as Ruben, her new love interest.


  • Clever Plot Choice To Have The Lead Know the Future
  • Fun Comedy Drama
  • Interesting Story Dilemmas


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