Iliza Shlesinger Unveiled

Iliza Shlesinger Unveiled

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Iliza Shlesinger Unveiled is the fifth Netflix standup special from the popular comedian. Drawing on her own experiences of planning a wedding and getting married, she brings a fresh angle to her comedy but unfortunately, a lot of the jokes just don't land.

Iliza Shlesinger is a standup comedian who has been in the business a long time. She was the first woman, and the youngest, winner of NBC's Last Comic Standing in 2008 and her career has gone from strength to strength since. Iliza Shlesinger Unveiled is her fifth Netflix special which was filmed in Nashville.

She clearly has a lot of fans and the crowd goes wild for every single joke that she makes. Me, not so much. Of course some of the commentary hits the mark, in fact, there are parts where I really did laugh out loud. But then that wit and those funny moments are peppered by jokes that just drag beyond the point of being funny anymore.

For example, about half of Unveiled tackles a couple of the crazy wedding traditions like wearing a garter and a veil. Initially, the jokes are funny and on point, but they just get eeked out so much that just those two things become the major focus of nearly half an hour of the routine. The whole show is only just over an hour long. Sure, she throws in a few jokes about the rest of the wedding day to break it up a little but not enough to make the whole piece work.

Where Iliza Shlesinger Unveiled excels is her clever and insightful views on the way men and women are treated in society. The double standards for both are still commonplace which she highlights brilliantly in her bit about how to deal with hecklers. And she does make some really excellent points, particularly around the notion of people constantly being offended on social media. Basically we get to laugh at ourselves. There's nothing wrong with that, it's great fun. For me, however, a lot of the jokes just didn't land.

She's a smart, articulate woman who marches to the beat of her own drum, unfortunately, though there just weren't enough laughs to keep me interested. There are funnier stand-up specials on Netflix. But if you love Iliza then you will definitely want to watch Good On Paper – a movie bringing her real-life experiences to life!


  • Smart Observations
  • Some Really Funny Moments


  • A lot of the jokes don't land
  • Some parts dragged out beyond being funny


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