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In Family I Trust

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When successful architect Bea discovers her fiance has cheated on her she returns home to get over the break-up. A really funny and beautiful movie about how great a family can be when your life gets turned upside down.

Looking for a sweet but very funny movie to watch? Check out In Family I Trust, the Spanish comedy drama on Netflix. It follows Bea, from her rather eccentric upbringing in a little Spanish seas-side town, where she dreams of creating fantastic buildings. Fast forward 20 years and Bea is a successful architect in a steady relationship with Victor.

But it's all about to go very wrong for Bea, played by Clara Lago. After a few drinks, she introduces her boyfriend to a celebrity news reporter, as a joke. However, the very next day, a video of the two of them together pops up all over the internet. A humiliated and furious Bea manages to both end her relationship and her career in one go and soon finds herself heading back home.

With her mother (Carmen Maura from Someone Has To Die), two sisters, and brother all fussing over her, Bea must make some decisions about her life. The great thing though is that it's all done with plenty of laughs and only a smatter of serious drama. As she considers her options over the coming weeks, she also meets the widowed Diego. He is played by the very handsome Álex García. Their initial rocky start soon changes into a blossoming romance before cheating Victor comes back into the picture. Will Bea make the right decision?

In Family I Trust is a perfect feel-good movie that will have you laughing out loud at some of the situations this bonkers family finds itself in. The supporting cast are all excellent and they blend beautifully on screen. The story itself is one that has been told many times before. Girl loves boy. Boy breaks girls heart. Girl meets somebody new. Time to choose.

However, this time around there is far more to the story. The woes of the other siblings also play a major part and round out the film really well. Overall, it is a charming Spanish movie with a similar style and feel of ‘Despite Everything'. If you want a film with plenty of romance and comedy this is for you.


  • Laugh Out Loud Funny
  • Excellent Cast Chemistry
  • A Perfect Feel Good Film


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