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Indian Matchmaking

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How does a young Indian find love in the modern world when all else has failed? They use Indian Matchmaking and in this case, Sima, to find their future life partner. While entertaining in parts, this is a very problematic show about how marriage is viewed.

What do you do when you're in your thirties, single and looking for love in the Indian community? You've tried the apps and blind dates so it's now it's time to try Indian Matchmaking. The matchmaker in question is Sima Taparia and her business is to arrange meetings that result in marriages.

With her vast database of young single hopefuls, her job is to pair up suitable candidates based on their needs, wants, personalities etc… which is easier said than done. So how does it all work? Once Sima is hired, she visits the family and gets to know them. She works out what the person wants and doesn't want from a future life partner and then she gets to work finding suitable partners. Her job takes her across Indian and the USA and we get a glimpse into the lives of single young Indians looking for love.

On the face of it, Indian Matchmaking seems like a good opportunity to explore a culture that most of us are unfamiliar with. However, all it does is highlight the superficiality of the system. When you are selecting a spouse on how light their skin is, how tall they are, how many degrees they have and how wealthy their family is, you're probably missing the point. Sure, there are one or two who simply want to meet a nice guy or girl but they are few and far between in the show.

Culturally, it's very telling when a young, educated, woman who owns her own successful business is told to lower her expectations and be prepared to drop everything for her future husband. That's Ankita Bansal, a huge fan favourite and beacon of hope in the show for her progress view on the world.

Also quite surprising is the difference between the American clients and those based in India. In the US, the singletons are really in charge of who they want to meet. In India not so much. There, the mothers take charge in finding young girls worthy of their darling, albeit, completely useless sons. Akshay anyone??

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While interesting, Indian Matchmaking does little to dispel the notion that in some parts of the world women are no more than a commodity to be put on display and bought for their looks. And if you happen to be educated, independent and self-sufficient then be prepared to be viewed as a stubborn picky inflexible woman who no man would want to marry.

Like it's polar opposite show, Too Hot To Handle, it's entertaining but for all the wrong reasons.


  • Interesting Show Culturally
  • A Lot Of Likeable Singletons
  • Highlights Difficulties Of Dating


  • Very Predjudiced
  • Successful Women Are Viewed Negatively
  • Frustrating


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