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District Attorney Lauren Monroe is left an Inheritance from her father that will change her life, but not for the better. A mediocre thriller/crime film that is filled with plot holes and not particularly memorable.

Lily Collins is on a roll and currently has both a series, Emily In Paris, and a movie, Inheritance, in Netflix's top 10. The two couldn't be more different with Collins ramping up the tension in crime thriller Inheritance. And that's exactly what the film is about – an inheritance.

Collins plays Lauren Monroe a 30-year-old district attorney. From an incredibly wealthy family, it would seem that despite all of her efforts her father has disapproved of most of her choices. Instead of opting for a successful law firm, she became a civil servant and she married a guy her father didn't like – though the movie doesn't dwell too much on that.

With her brother running for re-election, it's all family hands on deck until her father has a heart attack and dies. One week later and the reading of the will makes it very clear that Lauren was not his favourite. Where her mother receives the bulk of a huge estate and her brother gets $20 million, Lauren gets $1m and a USB key. And that USB key is about to change her life.

In a video to Lauren, her father explains that there is a secret buried in the grounds of the home. That secret is a bunker and inside is a man who has been held captive there for a very long time. So who is he? How does he know so much about the family? And will Lauren do the right thing and let him go?

Inheritance is a drama/thriller that is grounded in a decent enough plot but there are a few issues with it. Firstly there are a number of sub-plots that never get resolved. They seem to be there to impress upon us just how hectic her life is but other than that serve no real purpose.

Despite all of the lies and secrets her father had, none of them ever really come to light. The relationship between Lauren and the man in the bunker (Simon Pegg) is dragged out but never really scratches below the surface. By the end, after nearly two hours you're left thinking “Is that it?”. Sadly, it is.

Inheritance is an okay film. It's not particularly memorable and if you're after a few more thrills there are better choices including I See You and The Stranger if you want a tv show.


  • Good Plot For A Film
  • Some Thrills


  • Painfully Slow
  • All Sub-Plots Left Unresolved
  • Not Memorable


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