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Instant Dream Home is feel-good reality tv on steroids, so watch as the dream team of rapid fire renovators swoop in and transform families lives and homes in just one day.

Who remembers Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? You know the “Move That Bus' one with Ty Pennington? Well, if you loved it, then don't miss Instant Dream Home on Netflix.

A new reality tv show, the idea is that really deserving people are about to have their lives and their homes transformed.

Whether they have spent years giving back to the community or helping veterans, these families are about to find out that good things really do happen to good people.

The idea is that various homeowners have already submitted videos pleading for help to get a little bit of their houses renovated.

What they don't know is the extent to which their houses are going to be fully transformed. In just one day!

Led by Danielle Brooks (Peacemaker), a whole gaggle of specialists, including builders and designers such as Adair Curtis (Styling Hollywood) roll up to the house and work their magic.

And they are not only about to transform families homes but their lives as well.

Instant Dream Home Official Trailer

Is Instant Dream Home Worth Watching?

Everything about this show is positive and uplifting. Think Queer Eye but for homes!

Every member of the makeover team is fun and enthusiastic, and the families are lovely and inspiring.

Instant Dream Home really is feel-good tv at its finest. It is part renovation and part heist as the families are in the dark about the details of each make-over.

But they are in for the surprise of their lives, with their homes about to be totally transformed and radically improved from ho-hum to OMG…in just one day!

Instant Dream Home Netflix Release Date

If you want to be uplifted and filled with joy then the good news is that Instant Dream Home will air on August 10th 2022.

You can watch it exclusively on Netflix.

Instant Dream Home Dream Team

So just who are the dream team of rapid fire renovators that take on each of the eight special projects featured in season one?

They are led by Danielle Brooks the team leader, who some of you may recognise from Peacemaker with John Cena.

She is joined by Adair Curtis from Styling Hollywood, which is also on Netflix.

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Nick Cutsumpas looks after the exterior design of the homes. Erik Curtis is the resident carpenter. And Paige Mobley is the special projects expert.

They are the ones that take big risks and create painstaking plans to transform families homes from top to bottom.


  • So Positive And Uplifting
  • Mega Feel Good Factor
  • Incredible Makeovers In Such A Short Time


  • Glosses Over Any Difficulties With The Renovations


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