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Interior Design Masters

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If competitive reality TV is your thing then Interior Design Masters will tick the box. 10 budding designers battle it out over a series of rounds to win an exclusive commission to renovate the bar in a top London hotel.

When it comes to binge-worthy tv shows, nothing ticks the boxes more than competitive reality tv. We've had a huge amount hit Netflix recently, including The Big Flower Fight, American Barbecue Showdown and Skin Wars, to name just a few. All the contestants bring their expertise in a certain area and battle it out over a series of rounds to be crowned the champion. And Interior Design Masters is no different.

Based in the UK, the show brings together 10 budding interior designers. With varying degrees of expertise and experience, the group are all hoping to win a coveted commission renovating the bar of a top London hotel. Hosted by Fearne Cotton, each episode focuses on a new task with the contestants broken into groups or teams. Those teams must then undertake an interior renovation with the winning team safe, and into the next round. The losing team must then meet the head judge, the former Elle Decoration editor-in-chief, Michelle Ogundehin. Along with a guest judge, she questions their design choices and offers some advice before deciding which designer will go home.

As a format, there's nothing particularly unique about it. However, some of the judging choices do leave you scratching your head a little. Without doubt, some designers completely miss the brief. I'm all for individual taste but some designers simply don't know when to reign it in and actually give the client what they want. And yet, they stay in the competition. So much so that the final is quite underwhelming with two designers who are good but by no means the best the show had to offer. I got the impression that they picked the winner based on the style the hotel would be looking for, rather than the actual best designer – if that makes any sense.

That said, I love a good reality competition show so in that regard Interior Design Masters is as good as any of the others currently streaming. I just kind of felt sorry for whoever owned the properties that were made over. An old victorian hotel room or a bright pink living room anyone? No, I didn't think so!


  • Some Great Interior Designs
  • Good Range Of Contestants
  • Nice Design Tips


  • Final Was Disappointing
  • Some Awful Makeovers


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