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Isn’t It Romantic

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When Natalie gets mugged and wakes up in hospital she finds herself living in an alternate romantic movie world. Desperate to get back to her old life she must play out the tropes of every rom-com gone before her in this really funny movie. Great if you love satire!

Natalie is a hard working, normal Aussie girl living in the US. An architect, her lack of confidence often means she gets overlooked at work. In fact, many of her co-workers treat her like a door mat. But it's not all bad. She has a very cute dog and some good friends in Josh and Whitney. But it's Whitney's love of rom-com's that really get on her nerves.

Raised to believe that all romantic movies are the stuff of fairy tales, Natalie has a hardened view on them. So when she is mugged and hits her head, it's quite a shock for her when she wakes up in her very own rom-com. And unfortunately for Natalie it's a PG rom-com. She can't curse, her apartment is massive, she has all the clothes and shoes a girl could want. She even has a new love interest in the form of Blake (played by Liam Hemsworth). But non of it is real and Natalie, played by Rebel Wilson (Senior Year), knows it.

Isn't It Romantic is a very funny movie because it plays out every sad, tired and over-used trope from the usual rom-coms. We've seen them all a thousand times but here, Rebel Wilson is calling them out as the bullsh*t that they are. And she is so good at it. And by the way, so is Adam Devine and Brandon Scott James who plays Donny, her rom-com must-have stereotypical gay sidekick. He magically appears by her side to fix her problems and is laugh out loud funny.

Of course there is a moral to this movie. It's not there to simply slag off other rom-coms. Natalie needs to believe in herself and find some confidence. And the alternate romantic movie world she finds herself in does just that. If you like Rebel Wilson, and let's be fair, there aren't many who don't, then watch Isn't It Romantic. It's funny, witty and a clever piece of satire.


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  • Rebel Wilson
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