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Joe Pickett is a western drama that follows the lives of a game warden and his family as they navigate the evolving political and corrupt landscape in a quaint rural Wyoming town.

Neo-westerns are currently all the rage. Basically, they have elements of traditional Westerns but are set in the contemporary American West. So the likes of Yellowstone, Outer Range and Justified all qualify. And now, so too does Joe Pickett.

Created by Drew Dowdle and John Erick Dowdle, Joe Pickett stars Michael Dorman as a Game Warden in Wyoming who discovers that something is very wrong in the town when the bodies start piling up.

Airing on Paramount+ and a huge hit with fans of the genre, the show is based on characters created by novelist C.J. Box and has two seasons which you can stream today.

But what is Joe Pickett all about, and is it worth watching?

What Is Joe Pickett About?

Joe Pickett is an unassuming, quiet guy who gets a job as the new Game Warden in the small rural town of Saddlestring, Wyoming and the surrounding wilderness of Yellowstone National Park.

It's a new start for him, his wife Marybeth Pickett (Julianna Guill) and their two daughters, Sheridan and Lucy. However, almost instantly, things get off to a rocky start when Pickett tickets state Governor Budd for fishing without a licence.

Things get even worse when he stumbles across a local hunter and, after narrowly escaping with his life, realises that the previous Game Warden did things differently. But Joe is a straight arrow, and when he refuses to bend the rules knows that this isn't the job he dreamed of as a child.

When the poacher, Ote Keeley (Benjamin Hollingsworth), ends up dead on Joe's property, it starts a chain of events that sees the bodies pile up as Joe and Marybeth try to figure out what exactly is going on and who is responsible for putting their family in danger.

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Is Joe Pickett Worth Watching?

Joe Pickett is one of those shows that you can be forgiven for not really paying much attention to. With little or no fanfare from Parmount+, much like its leading character, it slips by quietly as the more well know Yellowstone and its spin-off shows hog all the glory.

But skipping it would be a mistake because this is an excellent drama that is well worth watching, not least because of the performance from Michael Dorman. Forget high-octane action and unrealistic plots, Joe Pickett is so well thought out that it effortlessly draws you in and keeps you hooked until the last minute of the last episode.

Joe is a man that you will instantly love. Despite his abusive upbringing, he is a kind and caring guy who is a devoted husband and father. Being a Game Warden is his life's purpose, and while he would rather stick to what he knows, his own conscience means that he can't get let sleeping dogs lie if it means the law is being broken.

Unfortunately, not all of the characters are so honest, and this is what makes Joe Pickett so good. You genuinely don't know who is good or bad or shades in between. But as the story plays out, it becomes more addictive as all the puzzle pieces fall into place.

Cinematically, the show is a visual dream. Though based in Wyoming, it was actually filmed in Canada, and the scenery is simply spectacular. So when a show looks great and is well scripted and acted, you know you're in for a treat, which is what Joe Pickett is.

Joe Pickett Season 2

In July 2022, the second season started production in Okotoks, Alberta and High River, Alberta. The first two episodes dropped on paramount+ on June 4th 2023.

With ten episodes in the second season, the show picks up one year after the violent attack on the Pickett family.

Joe tries to pick up the pieces as he tracks a lost hunter, and Marybeth has returned to work as a lawyer.

But with a new set of serial murders, the ‘Grim Brothers' illegally poaching and a missing woman to contend with, it looks like the idyllic life that Joe wanted for his family will have to wait.

Cast Of The Show

Michael Dorman as Joe Pickett, a dedicated game warden who moves with his family to Saddlestring, Wyoming, with Zebastin Borjeau as young Joe

Julianna Guill as Marybeth Pickett, Joe's wife and a former lawyer

Sharon Lawrence as Missy Vankeuren, Marybeth's materialistic mother

Paul Sparks as Wacey Hedeman, a game warden in the adjacent district who decides to run for Sheriff

David Alan Grier as Vern Dunnegan, a well-respected former game warden

Mustafa Speaks as Nate Romanowski, a skilled survivalist who is accused of murder

Patrick Gallagher as Sheriff Bud Barnum, the head of the Twelve Sleep County Sheriff's department

Skywalker Hughes as Sheridan Pickett, Joe and Marybeth's elder daughter

Kamryn Pilva as Lucy Pickett, Joe and Marybeth's younger daughter

Chad Rook as Deputy McLanahan, a dipstick deputy in the Sheriff's Department

Aadila Dosani as Deputy Cricket Ludlow, an intelligent but inexperienced deputy

Vivienne Guynn as April Keeley, Ote and Jeannie's daughter

Alex Breaux as Caleb and Camish Grimmengruber, a pair of poachers known as the Grim Brothers who illegally hunt together on “Bermuda Mountain” in season 2

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  • Lead Character Is Incredibly Likeable
  • Multi-Layered Plot That Keeps You Guessing
  • A More Realistic Modern Western


  • Story Could Have Been Told In 8 Episodes Rather Than 10
  • You Sometimes Want Joe To Get More Animated
  • Very Few Redeemable Characters


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