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A World champion fighter faces the biggest fight of his life. This touching story follows the journey of recovery after receiving a devastating brain injury defending his title.

Journeyman is written, directed and also stars the brilliant Paddy Considine. Considine has a reputation for telling very real human stories that target deep emotional responses. With this story, Considine drags the audience through a brutal journey of loss. Managing to tear at every single human emotion.

Matty Burton is the boxing middleweight champion of the world. He is riding high at the peak of his career and worshipped by his fans. Burton has become a loving father and devoted husband. After the loss of his father, he must defend his title against the new breed of brash boxer. Tragically he suffers a brain injury that forces him on the hardest journey of his life.

The general premise of the story seems simple, but this is much more than your usual boxing movie. Yes, we get the usual dramatic fight scenes and build up, but this quickly changes. As the world falls from under his feet, the focus shifts dramatically to raw human needs. This fight is not just his but a journey that will push and pull the people that he loves too.

Considine creates an intense focus on the key characters which results in a very small cast. But it is fair to say that every single cast member does an outstanding job. Jodie Whittaker is incredible as the devoted wife, who adores her husband and daughter. She delivers a crushing performance as her character yearns for the man she loves to come back to her. Paddy Considine‘s performance is verging on genius, painful to watch and remarkably convincing.

I knew very little about this film before watching it. But was totally blown away. The whole thing is beautifully shot. A truly intimate film that invites the audience to be part of the journey. Overall, a great cinematic experience with two of Britains best actors giving career-best performances – Highly Recommended.

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  • Brutally Honest
  • Heartbreaking
  • Excellent Casting


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