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Jumping From High Places follows Sole, a young Italian woman who suffers from anxiety, as she honours the memory of her best friend by making a list of her fears and overcoming them one by one. A sweet movie.

Based on the Italian novel, Per lanciarsi dalle stelle by Chiara Parenti, Jumping From High Places is one of those movies that slots very nicely into the ‘nice film' category.

And, believe me, there's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes all we want is to just watch a nice movie. No tension or crime, or serial killers. Nope. Just a lovely story to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So if that's the mood you're in, then you could do a lot worse than chilling to Jumping From High Places on Netflix.

What Is Jumping From High Places About?

Sole is a young woman about to turn 25 and has done absolutely nothing with her life. That's because Sole suffers from a generalized anxiety disorder that makes her afraid of her own shadow.

She has never left her home town of Mola di Bari, never gone on a proper date, enrolled but didn't go to college and can't even bring herself to get a job.

All of this is made worse by the fact that her lifelong best friend, Emma, died in a car accident two years earlier, leaving her devasted and unable to move on, especially as they argued the last time they talked.

Then, on the verge of her birthday, she receives a long overdue letter from Emma's brother that encourages her to make a list of everything she is afraid of and do them.

It's clear that her debilitating anxiety is ruining her life. Her greatest fears are things most of us don't even think about. Riding a bike, taking art classes, going on boat rides and swimming in the sea are just some of the things she puts on her bucket list.

Sole's friends and therapist help her to take control as she starts to tackle each fear with great fun and enthusiasm.

And so begins Sole's journey to stem the severe anxiety that controls her life. It's not all plain sailing, as some events still cause panic attacks, but Sole makes a promise to herself to keep going.

Now she is going to do what makes her most afraid and discover that she is far stronger than she ever gave herself credit for.

Jumping From High Places Trailer

Is Jumping From High Places Worth Watching?

Jumping From High Places is an incredibly sweet movie that a lot of us can identify with.

A coming of age story, Federica Torchetti plays Sole Santoro so beautifully that you root for her from the instant she breaks the fourth wall and starts telling you about her life.

Jumping From High Places could have been a sad story about a young woman with an anxiety disorder who tragically lost her best friend.

Instead, it is a really uplifting tale about overcoming your fears, taking a risk and living your best life.

There's romance, comedy, and a dose of reality, but mostly it's the positivity from the little things in life that make this film so wonderful.

Where Is Jumping From High Places Movie Filmed?

One of the main draws of this movie is the location. With its beautiful seaside, cliffs, caves, medieval-style town, cobbled streets and stunning countryside, it is a simply gorgeous backdrop.

Sole references ‘Apulia', which is Italian for the Puglia region of the country. It is the southern peninsular section of the country, bordering the Adriatic Sea.

The old town and the cliff scenes featured in the movie were filmed in Polignano a Mare.

The seaside restaurant where Sole gets a job as a waitress is located in Monopoli.

And the town she lives in is filmed in Conversarno. Along with Mola di Bari, all of the locations are all within 20 minutes drive of each other in the Metropolitan City of Bari, the capital of southern Italy’s Puglia region.


  • Really Sweet And Positive Movie
  • Stunning Location In Puglia, Italy
  • Federica Torchetti Is Perfect As Sole


  • No Real Chemistry With The Second Love Interest
  • Differs From The Book Quite A Lot


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