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Just The Way You Are

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Jennie and Ian have been married for 15 years but with family and work taking its toll, can these two rekindle the spark in their marriage in Just The Way You Are?

You've got to hand it to Candace Cameron Bure. The woman can churn out Hallmark-style romcoms at such a pace that she must never actually stop working. That and Fuller House of course! Her latest offering, available on Netflix, is called Just The Way You Are – a play on the classic Billy Joel song. In fact, that's the opening track of the movie which sees newly married Jennie and Ian, looking out on an open plot on which their dream house will be built.

The future is bright for the loved-up couple and so we jump 15 years ahead where, with two kids and two demanding full-time jobs, the Wreitz are less romantic and more like ships passing in the night. Jennie is a matchmaker for a successful company and Ian is climbing the architecture ladder. But while Jennie can seemingly pick perfect partners for her clients, her own marriage has stalled.

When she meets Claire, a single looking for love, Jennie's own set of strict matchmaking rules are questioned and she decides to try a little spontaneity to reignite the flame in her own life. So with a series of blind dates, she reconnects with her husband but will it all end with a happily ever after? Or have these two run out of road?

Just The Way You Are is most definitely a Hollywood take on a struggling marriage. It's about two beautiful people, with their adorable children, living in a fabulous house who are just a bit meh with each other. There are no real issues, other than the daily juggle of getting everything done, that really needs addressing. A couple of tough career choices are about the extent of their problems. So from that perspective, it's a tad unrealistic.

That said, there's nothing actually wrong with the movie which is very pleasant and inoffensive. And, as with every movie she makes, Candance Cameron Bure is very watchable and likable. I guess the overall message from this mild romcom is that you really can't take people for granted. You have to work at your relationships and hopefully, everything will turn out okay. At least that's the theme of Just The Way You Are which will be a hit for fans of Hallmark style movies.


  • Inoffensive and Easy To Watch
  • Some Relatable Relationship Issues


  • Not Very Realistic
  • Bit Of Cheesy Ending


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