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Katherine Ryan Glitter Room

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Glitter Room is a very funny stand-up special from comedian Katherine Ryan. From being single to being a single mother and everything in between, it is an hour well spent if you're after a few laughs.

The best comedians are generally the ones you can relate to. That's probably the reason I really loved Katherine Ryan Glitter Room, thecomedy special on Netflix.

Many will know her from shows such as The Fix and The Duchess, but if you really want a few laughs, check out her stand up.

Some comedians are more observational in style but Katherine Ryan is all about stories from her own life. Not one to hold back her opinions, she has a lot to say about being single and about being a mother. All of which is hilarious.

Glitter Room chronicles her life through the last 10 years and the choices she has made along the way.

It is witty and clever and packed with anecdotes about being a Canadian living in London. However, there are parts which particularly single out men and why she has decided to remain unattached.

Now, I'm not saying they aren't funny, but if you are a particularly sensitive male soul you may take offence. But this is comedy and comedy is subjective.

So if you can put that aside and enjoy it for what it's meant to be, you will be pleasantly surprised. Her Anna Kendrick story is particularly funny. As are her DNA testing kit results!

Incidentally, the title Glitter Room refers to her daughter's bedroom. It stems from the pride she experienced at buying her first home in London and decorating it exactly how she and her daughter wanted – glitter and all.

I had a good few laughs watching Katherine Ryan Glitter Room. It might not be to everyone's taste but there's plenty of other stand-ups on Netflix if this doesn't take your fancy.


  • Funny Anecdotes
  • Refreshingly Honest


  • A Few Anti Men Jibes


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