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When a small plane crashes in the middle of the Canadian wilderness, lone survivor Liv must battle the elements and her own personal demons to survive in this thriller series, Keep Breathing.

Thriller series are huge on Netflix with the likes of Pieces of Her turning into mega-hits for the streaming platform. And now Keep Breathing can be added to that list.

Created by Martin Gero and Brendan Gall for Netflix, Keep Breathing stars Melissa Barrera as Liv, a razor-sharp attorney whose private plane crashes in the middle of the Canadian wilderness.

Stuck in the remote Canadian frontier and the lone survivor of the plane crash, Liv must battle both an unforgiving terrain and past personal traumas to stay alive.

Keep Breathing Official Trailer

Is Keep Breathing Worth Watching?

Keep Breathing is a survival thriller series and with such a limited cast a lot of the work to carry the show falls on the shoulders of Melissa Barrera.

The story jumps between timelines so one minute Liv is trying to survive, and the next she's flashing back to her childhood or her job as a New York lawyer.

It keeps the story moving because if it was just her trying to get out of the remote Canadian frontier then it could pretty boring over six episodes.

The two main plots of this story are can she escape and what exactly happened in her life to lead her to this moment?

Finding out is interesting, and to be fair to Melissa Barrera she is very good in this series.

It's a thriller with an interesting story, plenty of survival action and with a few twists and turns along the way.

The show’s audience and critics’ scores on Rotten Tomatoes are, in a word, terrible. One internet reviewed even wrote “the only likable character was the bear”. On the flip side, reviewers on IMDB claimed the show suffered “from the wrong expectations”, explaining that the series was promoted as a survival drama but in reality it's a drama about a woman struggling with a lifetime of hurt and rejection.

Keep Breathing Release Date

The upcoming survival thriller was ordered by Netflix in February 2021. It began filming in June 2021, wrapping three months later.

Netflix dropped the trailer on June 30th 2022 and announced that Keep Breathing would premiere on July 28th 2022.

Keep Breathing Cast

Due to the nature of the show, the cast for Keep Breathing is limited.

The first three episodes were directed by Maggie Kiley with the other three directed by Rebecca Rodriguez.

Melissa Barrera as Liv, a New York attorney who crashes in the middle of the Canadian wilderness.

Jeff Wilbusch as Danny, Liv's on-again, off-again love interest.

Florencia Lozano as Liv's mother

Juan Pablo Espinosa as Liv's father

Austin Stowell


  • Amazing Scenery
  • Decent Storyline
  • Very Well Acted


  • A Lot Of Timeline Jumping
  • Minimal Cast



  1. Really wanted to like it but that did not happen. Good scenery but the jumping back and forth from history to present, the hallucinations and the unpleasant way this is unfolded to the viewer had us changing from supporting the heroine to please get a bear in here to end this thing…

  2. The wanna be boyfriend that keeps showing up is annoying as f. What’s the point of him continuing to disrupt the movie? Feels like two separate movies trying to merge as one but it doesn’t work.

  3. After one episode watching with my family we were so bored we switched it off. Why was this ever produced


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