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Klaus is one of the most perfect Christmas movies ever created. An animated movie, it follows the origins of Santa Claus from a postman called Jesper, in one of the most miserable towns on earth. It is a feast for the eyes, mind, and heart and will leave you smiling and heartbroken in equal measure.

With its beautiful animation and a heartwarming storyline, Klaus is a perfect Christmas movie. Created and directed by Sergio Pablos, Klaus tells the story of how Santa Claus originated.

Klaus is the animated gem that has found a cozy home on Netflix and has not only captured the imaginations of viewers worldwide but also redefined the art of animation.

As we unwrap the layers of this splendid visual world, join us on a magical sleigh ride that makes this film a must-watch, especially on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Get ready to be swept away by a tale that promises to warm even the coldest of winter nights!

What Is Klaus About?

Jesper's father owns the postal service and, despite his best attempts, has never managed to turn him from a spoilt layabout into a productive young man.

So, in a last-ditch attempt to make him grow up, Jesper is sent to Smeerensburg to become the postman.

The challenge is that Jesper has one year to stamp 6,000 letters. If he does, he gets to come home to the lap of luxury. If he fails, he will be cut off.

So off to Smerensburg Jesper goes only to discover that it is a warring miserable town occupied by two clans who have done nothing but fight with each for generations. And absolutely nobody needs to send any letters!

As depressing towns go, Smeerenburg is the poster child. So how will Jesper (voiced by Jason Schwartzman) get his 6,000 letters?

It starts with a small child whose drawing comes to Jesper's attention. When Jesper heads to the last house in the town, he meets Klaus for the first time. Klaus sees the drawing and feels so sorry for the boy that he and Jesper go to his home that night and leave him a toy.

Soon word gets out that if you write a letter to Klaus (JK Simmons) he will bring you a toy and this is where Jesper sees his chance to encourage more and more children to write letters.

The more kids that write letters, the closer Jesper gets to his target of 6,000.

But of course, nothing is that simple, and soon, the leaders of the warring families decide to foil the big toy delivery and put an end to the happiness and cheer that has taken over the town.

Klaus Official Trailer

Is Klaus Worth Watching?

Klaus is a beautifully made film. Like Arthur Christmas, everything about it is simply joyous.

The animation is perfectly crafted for the era and looks like a painting that has come to life.

The creators used a unique blend of traditional and digital art techniques, making every scene pop with colour and texture.

It's like watching a storybook leap off the page, with characters and landscapes so vivid and detailed you'll feel like you can reach out and touch them.

The script is smart and modern, with a fresh and enjoyable origin story about Santa Claus and how a simple act of kindness can spark a wave of change.

Every character in this animated film is memorable, from Jesper, the lazy postman, to Klaus, the reclusive toymaker. They're quirky, endearing, and full of personality.

You can't help but root for them as their friendships and transformations provide heartwarming moments that stay with you long after the movie ends.

Overall, the Klaus movie is one that gives and keeps giving. From Jesper's witty comedic banter to the sadness of main character, it will make you laugh and break your heart at the same time.

It should be the new Christmas classic and one that you will probably watch year after year.

How Many Awards Did Klaus Win?

Klaus, the animated feature directed by Sergio Pablos (co-directed by Carlos Martinez Lopez), and produced by Spa Studios, received significant acclaim and won several awards.

Notably, it won seven awards at the Annie Awards in 2020, including Best Animated Feature. The Annie Awards are prestigious accolades in the animation industry, often seen as a high honor for animated films.

Additionally, Klaus was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Film in 2020, though it did not win in this category.

The film also garnered other nominations and awards from various film festivals and organizations, reflecting its positive reception and impact in the world of animation.

Cast Of Klaus Movie

Jason Schwartzman as Jesper Johansen, the postal academy's worst student who befriends Klaus in the unhappy town of Smeerensburg.

J. K. Simmons as Klaus, a reclusive large woodworker who makes toys.

Rashida Jones as local teacher Alva, who becomes Jesper's love interest.

Will Sasso as Mr. Aksel Ellingboe, the Ellingboe Clan patriarch in an ancient feud with the Krums.

Neda Margrethe Labba as Márgu, a young Sámi girl who befriends Jesper.

Sergio Pablos as Olaf Krum, Mrs. Krum's son and Pumpkin Ellingboe, Mr. Ellingboe's pampered daughter.

Norm Macdonald as Mogens, the sarcastic ferryman of Smeerensburg.

Joan Cusack as Mrs. Tammy Krum, the Krum Clan matriarch in a feud with the Ellingboes.


  • Beautifully Crafted
  • Equally As Funny And Heartbreaking
  • A Perfect Christmas Movie


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