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This epic blockbuster is a real monster of a movie, visually amazing with stunning CGI and a huge cast. That is as big as the main star - Kong himself, who is bigger and badder than ever. Imagine Apocolypse Now, mixed with The Land That Time Forgot and then throw in one angry King Kong and you are on the right track.

Kong Skull Island is the second installment in the series of Monsterverse movies that kicked off in 2014 with the reboot of Godzilla. One thing is for sure, audiences can't get enough of this franchise. For instance, Kong Skull Island grossed $566 million worldwide and the three movies released so far have grossed well over $1.4 billion. So let see what happens, when the next in the series, Godzilla vs Kong, hits the screens later this year.

These films are tapping into a time when movies were made to be fun. Just epic visual experiences that use every trick at their disposal to entertain the audience. Kong Skull Island takes this same recipe and there is no doubt that it does succeed as a cinematic showpiece. Set shortly after the end of the Vietnam War, the American Military aid a scientific expedition to an isolated island deep in the pacific ocean. What they find looks straight out of the film The Land That Time Forgot. A strange forgotten world, packed full of weird monsters. For instance, we see Leafwings, Psychovultures, sker buffaloes, Skullcrawlers and many more. However, there's more to this film than just monsters.

The camera work is outstanding. Setting the film just after the Vietnam War was a total stroke of genius. The use of a large Huey Helicopter squadron complimented with fantastic music creates a real feel of Francis Ford Coppola's Apocolypse Now. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts does an amazing job, especially with the bold use of the CGI. We get to see Kong in all his gigantic glory. There are no thirty-second glimpses here, just bold upfront action blended with huge expansive landscapes and amazing sunsets.

Another standout with Kong Skull Island is the impressive cast. This is a monster movie so it seems unnecessary to have such talent when it seems they don't have a great deal to do. But they all do a great job and do genuinely enhance the experience. For example, Samuel L Jackson really lets loose as the leader of the Sky Devils helicopter squadron. Tom Hiddleston gives a solid performance playing an ex SAS Captain. Brie Larson and John Ortiz, both add well to the story. But it is John Goodman and John C. Reilly who steal the show.

Kong Skull Island was never going to win a tonne of awards, although, it was nominated for Best Achievement in Visual Effects at the Oscars. You need to switch your brain off and just enjoy the ride for what it is. As far as raw entertainment goes, Kong Skull Island is fantastic. Totally bonkers and quite forgettable, but a whole heap of fun. Give it a go on Netflix now.


  • Amazing Effects
  • Outrageously Entertaining
  • Fantastic Cast.


  • Full of Plot Holes.


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