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In Los Angeles, an enormous sinkhole suddenly appears, causing a family to become separated in a strange, unexplained primeval world. Along with a group of desperate strangers, they must navigate this unfamiliar landscape and find a way to reunite with their loved ones.

La Brea is a sci-fi drama that follows a family that becomes separated by a massive sinkhole that opens up in L.A.

The name “La Brea” comes from Spanish and means “the tar” or “the asphalt”. It's a reference to the La Brea Tar Pits, located in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles, California.

These tar pits have been a source of fascination for scientists and the public alike. They contain well-preserved fossils of prehistoric animals that lived in the area tens of thousands of years ago.

What Is La Brea About?

The series uses this name as a nod to the prehistoric setting that the characters find themselves in after falling into the sinkhole.

La Brea rifts on storylines we've seen before in Journey to the Center of the Earth, Star Gate, and The 100. However, there is enough creativity in the show to keep viewers engaged.

The story begins with a typical day for the Harris family, who are struggling to stay connected. A sinkhole suddenly opens up in the middle of Los Angeles, separating them from each other.

The sinkhole, however, is not what it seems. It is a portal that transports those who fall into it to a prehistoric world where they must fight to survive.

The narrative of the series revolves around the family's attempts to reunite and survive in an unfamiliar and perilous world.

Along their journey, they encounter numerous obstacles and creatures that test their resourcefulness. Furthermore, they learn that there are other individuals from different time periods who are also trapped in the sinkhole.

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Is La Brea Worth Watching

If you enjoy fantasy/sci-fi tales, La Brea is definitely worth watching. The world-building and character development are satisfactory, although the pacing of the show is occasionally off. Plot twists and new characters are introduced in a way that keeps the viewer engaged.

Critics have rightly slammed the CGI animals featured in the early episodes, but the effects have improved over time.

The acting in the earlier episodes does leave a lot to be desired, with more than one cast member as wooden as a fence post. The good news is that it improves in later episodes which makes the show better.

Overall, La Brea is a passable fantasy/sci-fi series; with the genre lacking fresh content, La Brea is worth a watch.

Stick with it and there's plenty of adventure, and although the story is fairly predictable at times, it'll still keep viewers engaged.

Alternatives To La Brea

If you are looking for TV series with similar themes or genres to La Brea, here are some alternatives that you might enjoy:

The 100: This post-apocalyptic series follows a group of young people sent back to Earth from a space station to see if it is habitable. They must navigate dangerous new territories and confront difficult moral choices.

Lost in Space (2018): The show explores themes of family, survival, and the human spirit. The Robinsons learn to adapt to their new situation and face the challenges that come their way. The series also features advanced technology, futuristic settings, and intriguing sci-fi concepts.

Outer Range: Amazon's Outer Range is a neo-western sci-fi drama that follows a Wyoming rancher who discovers a mysterious black hole on his land.

Significant Other: Two backpackers take a remote camping trip only to discover that nothing is as it seems in Significant Other. An underrated gem on Paramount+.

The Tomorrow War: The movie follows time-traveling soldiers as they attempt to save the future and prevent the extinction of the human race. The film features intense action sequences, impressive special effects, and the consequences of time travel.

Our dedicated Sci-Fi page has more great shows and films in the genre, so if you liked La Brea, check it out for more recommendations!

Where is La Brea Filmed

La Brea is set in LA, the home of Hollywood and Paramount Studios, so obviously, it was filmed in… Melbourne, Australia!

The Docklands Studio in Melbourne was the primary filming location for the series. However, other parts of Australia were used as well.

The benefits of shooting anywhere apart from Hollywood are obvious to those inside the movie industry.

How Many Seasons

La Brea has had two full seasons so far. The first was released in 2021 and contained 10 episodes. Season Two dropped in September 2022 and has 14 episodes.

Fans of the show will be happy to know that season 3 is currently in the works. Showrunner David Appelbaum has shared some details about the current plans.

According to him, they have been given six episodes to work on, but there is a possibility of adding more episodes later on.

However, no official decisions have been made yet, and there is still some uncertainty regarding the matter. Nevertheless, it's good to know that progress is being made, and we will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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