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The Bondurant Brothers run an illegal bootlegging business in the lawless backlands of Virginia in 1931. When the corrupt law targets them, things turn bad quickly in this crime drama.

Lawless is the film adaptation of the 2008 book The Wettest Country in the World by Matt Bondurant. Directed by John Hillcoat, this is an action-packed look at a family-run bootlegging business during the prohibition era.

Starring Tom Hardy, Hillcoat holds nothing back in his dark representation of gangsters in outback America facing up to corrupt Police.

But what is Lawless all about, and is it worth watching?

What Is Lawless About?

It's 1931 in Franklin County, Virginia and Forrest Bondurant (Tom Hardy) is a legend for having survived the war.

But times are tight, so along with his brothers Howard (Jason Clarke) and Jack (Shia LaBeouf), the Bondurant family sets up a bootlegging business from their distillery.

Using their gas station and restaurant as a front, their biggest problem comes in the form of a corrupt District Attorney, Mason Wardell (Tim Tolin), and the unscrupulous Special Deputy Charles Rakes (Guy Pearce).

When the Bondurants refuse to pay the required bribes, Rakes pursues the brothers trying to find their distillery. Things gets really out of control when Forrest is attacked, his waitress Maggie (Jessica Chastain) is beaten and raped and Jack decides to get out of the business.

But first, there's the little matter of retribution for the attack on Forrest… Can the Bondurant's outwit and survive Rakes and his lackies? Watch Lawless to find out.

Lawless Official Trailer

Is Lawless Worth Watching?

Lawless is definitely not for the faint hearted. At times it is excessively violent though not gratuitous. It was a tough time and this movie does not hold back on the grit required to survive as a bootlegger.

Where Lawless excels is in not begin a straight up competition between good and evil. Like every situation, there are shades of both in all of the characters and their motivations.

Plus this is based, loosely I'm sure, on a true story about the relationship of three brothers. It has drama, action that comes in short bursts, great acting and great camera work.

All in all, this is a powerful piece of film-making with a superbly tense atmosphere. It sure brings something fresh to the gangster genre and is well worth watching – if only to see Guy Pearce's totally unmissable performance.

Lawless Cast

Shia LaBeouf as Jack Bondurant

Tom Hardy (Venom, Taboo) as Forrest Bondurant

Jason Clarke (Everest) as Howard Bondurant

Jessica Chastain as Maggie Beauford

Guy Pearce as Special Deputy Charlie Rakes

Gary Oldman as Floyd Banner

Mia Wasikowska as Bertha Minnix

Dane DeHaan as Cricket Pate

Chris McGarry as Danny

Tim Tolin as Mason Wardell


  • Great Screenplay
  • Intensely Powerful
  • Unmissable Performance From Guy Pearce.


  • Excessively Violent


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