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'Life' is a sci-fi thriller set on the International Space Station; a diverse crew of scientists is assembled to intercept a returning Mars probe and analyse the soil samples onboard. The mission turns deadly when a dormant Life form is found in the extraterrestrial dirt.

The movie ‘Life' has received mixed reviews since its release in 2017. Viewers have criticised the plot, premise and script, but one aspect of the film you can't complain about is the cast. Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson and Ryan Reynolds elevate this production above the usual sci-fi offering.

The set-up is interesting but not 100% original. A crew of scientists is tasked with studying soil samples from a Mars Probe aboard the ISS space station. When life is discovered in the Martian dirt, the scientists' initial excitement is replaced with concern when a dormant life form begins to grow exponentially.

Obvious comparisons between blockbusters like ‘Alien' and ‘The Thing' can be made. However, this film is more than a copy of those two classics. As previously mentioned, the cast is far superior to most sci-fi productions. The movie's premise isn't too far from reality that it becomes unbelievable. In some ways, ‘Life' reminds me of the excellent film ‘Gravity'. Both are space-based thrillers grounded in the real world.

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The tension is well-paced and ramps up as the alien life form begins to grow in the space station's cramped confines. Unusually, the alien in this movie starts as a benign organism with little to suggest it could become the stuff of nightmares. Nevertheless, as the film progresses, the alien morphs into a deadly danger for the crew and the world below.

Life is a well-made sci-fi movie with a great cast. Not a classic by any stretch of the imagination, but fans of the genre will enjoy this. It contains just enough originality to keep things interesting.



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  • Good Cast
  • Great Effects
  • Tense


  • Not 100% Original


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