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Lift follows a heist team led by Kevin Hart who, to get out of going to jail, are forced to work for Interpol to stop a transfer of $500 million of gold and capture a terrorist.

Another year, another blockbuster heist movie from Netflix. This time, it is Lift, starring Kevin Hart.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the streaming services have run out of ideas, such is the over-saturation of Hollywood A-Listers trying their hand at dashing around the world to steal some rare and priceless artifact or painting.

So the big question is, does Lift offer anything new, or is it just the same ole same ole, wrapped up in some fancy CGI and fight scenes, all while costing an eye-watering $100 million to make?

What Is Lift About?

Suspend all belief as I take you through the plot of Lift.

Cyrus (Kevin Hart) is an international thief who leads a crew that are experts in of all the usual skills – hacking, pilot, safecracker, engineer, and master of disguise.

Between them, they create elaborate plots to steal valuable items and so far have remained at large, much to the frustration of the police.

This time, the job is to steal a Van Gogh in London while Cyrus is at an auction in Venice, Italy. The details of how they pull off the heist rest on the belief that somebody would pay $20 million to buy an original NFT by a famous artist – think Banksy.

However, one of the crew members is ultimately arrested and rather than taking down the whole crew, Interpol decides to force Cyrus and his team to capture billionaire Lars Jorgenson (Jean Reno).

Jorgenson is the kind of man who creates devastation and carnage around the world in order to manipulate the stock exchange in order to make money.

In this particular instance, he is shipping $500 million of gold as payment to Leviathan, and Cyrus and his team must now stop that transfer.

What follows is a whole convoluted plan to rob the gold, secured in a vault, mid-flight, but of course, no action flick is complete without a few obstacles and so Cyrus must wrangle himself out of a few tricky situations if he wants to stay alive.

So does he? I'll give you one guess.

Lift Netflix Official Trailer

Is Life On Netflix Worth Watching?

I'm going to start by saying that I really love Kevin Hart. I'll watch any movie he's in while acknowledging that some are definitely better than others.

Lift is not one of them. It's ridiculous. The plot, the concept, and the writing beggar belief. It's just so bad.

Here's the thing. You can make a funny heist movie (Red Notice), and you can make a really serious heist movie (Triple Frontier), but rarely does a combination of both work – especially when the balance is off.

This is a film where the actors trot out their lines in a haphazardly written story for what amounts to a bit of mindless entertainment that doesn't engage and has nobody to root for.

By the time one plane is flying (undetected by radar) under another plane (in the air) so they can ‘switch radar signals' while the crew diverts the first plane, carrying the gold, to a private airfield, then you've all but given up on the film.

Overall, Lift is not worth watching. It's boring and predictable, formulaic, the jokes fall flat, and every cliche ever conceived has been used to cobble together a story that's just not worth telling.

Netflix Lift Movie Cast

Kevin Hart as Cyrus, an international thief, and leader of a heist crew

Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Abby, an Interpol agent

Sam Worthington as Huxley, Abby's boss

Vincent D'Onofrio as Denton, a master of disguise

Úrsula Corberó as Camila, a pilot

Billy Magnussen as Magnus, a safecracker

Kim Yoon-ji as Mi-Sun, a hacker

Viveik Kalra as Luke, an engineer

Jean Reno as Jorgenson, a terrorist mastermind


  • Solid Cast
  • Decent Production Values


  • Contrived
  • Not Funny
  • Every Cliche In The Book


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