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The hugely successful Netflix Original, Like Father, follows Rachel who, after being left at the altar, takes her Caribbean honeymoon cruise with the last person she ever expected - her estranged father. A well rounded warm and funny film about family, life and forgiveness. 

Like Father, a Netflix Original movie, was quite the surprise. I am so used to seeing Kristen Bell (The Woman in the House…) play happy, upbeat and quirky characters that this more serious side to her acting chops was really refreshing.

Think more along the lines of Veronica Mars than Eleanor Shellstrop (The Good Place). The film centres around a workaholic called Rachel who is a marketing guru. Even on her wedding day Rachel can't stop working and even makes one last call right before she walks up the aisle.

Her soon-to-be hubbie discovers this and promptly realises that this does not bode well for the marriage and ends the relationship there and then. Amid the chaos of being jilted, Rachel sees her father Harry in the congregation and it soon becomes apparent that the two have not seen each other in 26 years.

Having re-connected briefly the two get drunk and end up on the cruise that was to be Rachel's honeymoon. By the way, the ship is AMAZING! And yes, you will quickly be googling Royal Caribbean, Harmony Of The Seas (that's the name of the liner).

But back to the review… What follows is a father and daughter struggling to make inroads into their relationship. Harry, played by Kelsey Grammer, is desperate for forgiveness for leaving her. Rachel is determined to not give a crap about him or what he wants and desperately tries to stay plugged into work via her phone which never leaves her hand.

Through a series of incidents and particularly with the help of their cruise friends, their story evolves and unfolds and both start to heal.

Is Like Father Worth Watching?

Like Father is a really solid film. Unlike some movies it is quite understated. Instead of going for high octane drama, the creators have gone for a more realistic approach to the relationship between Rachel and Harry which is far more relatable.

There are some funny parts, some emotional parts but overall it's a beautifully told story about family and forgiveness and I really enjoyed it.

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This was a directorial debut for Lauren Miller and on the back of it's success I'm certain we'll be hearing a lot more about her in the future.

And if you needed any more persuasion to watch Like Father, for the first time ever, Netflix actually released a streaming number for one of their projects and it was their number 1 movie in over 100 countries the weekend it was released and overall their number 1 movie in the world with 10 million streams!


  • Grounded
  • Beautifully Acted
  • Relatable


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