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When Samantha's mother dies, she is surprised by her long lost grandmother, or at least the woman who says she is. Lineage Of Lies is supposed to be a thriller, it's not. It's complete dumb nonsense and not worth watching at all.

If Lineage Of Lies isn't the worst movie ever made, then it comes pretty close. I say this in the hopes that I can spare you wasting one hour and twenty-six minutes of your life. Because, and trust me when I say this, it will be a waste. The title may be catchy but what if I told you it was originally called Psycho Granny? It really was. And it's all downhill from there.

The plot goes like this. Colleen (Robin Riker) is deranged. She moves from town to town seeking out a new perfect family. When that family turns out to be less than perfect, she kills them and moves on. We don't actually see any of the killing, beyond the opening scene, but it is inferred from the notebook she keeps on all of her victims.

Her latest pet project is Samantha. Now Samantha's mother has just died and Colleen has spotted the obituary in the newspaper. It also happens that Samantha's mother was adopted and never spoke about her family. So you can only imagine her surprise when Granny turns up at the funeral home! Without so much as questioning it for a millisecond, dumb Samantha embraces her newfound Grandmother. I should point out that even Samantha's husband thinks it's slightly suspicious but not enough to actually do anything about it.

So on the story goes, with the hapless, and by the way, pregnant Samantha desperately trying to connect with psycho granny until Colleen's dark past starts to catch up with her. How will it all end? Honestly, who cares! As I said before, watching Lineage Of Lies was painful. Not least because everything about it was so low quality. The script was dreadful and wooden and I've seen better acting at the kid's school play. Do yourself a huge favor and swerve this completely.

Instead, why don't you try some thrillers that are actually worth watching. Check out Searching, I See You or The Night Manager for far better tv.


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  1. The writers of this film should realise that people actually take notice. Samantha’s mother was 63 when she passed (when her ‘grandmother’ the psycho was looking at internet). That would make her biological grandmother around 3 when she gave birth!


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