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'Lost In Space' from Netflix is the reboot of the classic 60s TV show of the same name. While the show's premise remains unchanged from the original series, the updated 'Lost In Space' dazzles the audience with incredible special effects and solid acting performances.

If you're old enough to have watched the original ‘Lost In Space' series, you will remember the terrible set designs, hammy acting and lumbering robot. These elements became the hallmark of the 1960s sci-fi classic.

Thankfully, the look and feel of this new ‘Lost In Space' is light-years away from the original show. Visually it's literally out of this world! Sweeping CGI scenes rival anything you'd see in the cinema. The actors, including the multiple child performers, are excellent. In the 60s series, the show's main villain, Dr Smith, was played by Jonathan Harris. In the reboot, actress Parker Posey takes on the juicy role, and I have to say, I prefer her performance over the original – heresy I know!

As mentioned earlier, the reboot closely follows the original TV show plot. The Robinson family is selected for a mission to colonise a distant planet. The family is made up of the mother Maureen (Molly Parker), dad John (Toby Stephens), daughters Judy (Taylor Russell, Escape Room) and Penny (Mina Sundwall) along with son Will (Maxwell Jenkins).

On route to this new world, our intrepid colonists become ‘Lost In Space' and crash land on a mysterious frozen world. Of course, both the 1960s TV show and this Netflix reboot are based on the adventure book ‘The Swiss Family Robinson' which was first published in 1812.

Over the 10 episodes in the first series, the family must learn to work together to overcome hostile environments and deal with the duplicitous Dr Smith along the way. Can the Robinson's discover a way back to the colony? Maybe, but not without the help of a strange robot they find on the planet's surface. Will Robinson, the youngest member of the family, develops a unique bond with the bot, and this unlikely friendship could lead the family to salvation. Although, Dr Smith has other ideas! – ‘Danger, Will Robinson'.

Critics and viewers gave ‘Lost In Space‘ a favourable reception on release. I suspect the broad range of ages who can enjoy this show has helped it to grow a sizeable fanbase. It's one of the few series young teens and parents could enjoy together. Netflix has now released season 2 (24th December 2019) of the series; so fans can binge 10 new episodes.

Overall, ‘Lost In Space' is a thoroughly enjoyable sci-fi series, it pays homage to the original, without being afraid to shake up the story. If you liked ‘The Martian' and ‘Stranger Things‘ then you'll probably enjoy ‘Lost In Space' too.


  • Amazing Special Effects
  • Parker Posey - Dr Smith
  • Great Family Viewing


  • Little Repetitive


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