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When dating app Love Guaranteed doesn't result in love for one picky client, he decides to sue the company. Taking on his case is Susan, but soon the two find that they have more in common than they thought.

Just when you thought you had seen every conceivable romcom, along comes Love Guaranteed. Starring Rachael Leigh Cook and Damon Wayans Jnr, this sweet, but predictable movie is about Susan, a small-time lawyer who finds herself taking on the big boys for her latest client.

Susan is exactly the same as all-female rom-com leads. She is beautiful, kind, sweet, hard-working and unlucky in love. If only she could find a man who truly loved her for who she was. Oh wait, here he is walking through her office door. That didn't take long!

The guy in question is Nick Evans, a subscriber to an internet dating site called Love Guaranteed. Nick has been on 986 dates but has yet to find the woman of his dreams. The site guarantees love within 1000 dates so of course he now wants to sue them over misleading advertising.

Susan, as a principled lawyer who only helps the downtrodden, doesn't want to take the case. However, money is tight and she needs the cash so she reluctantly agrees to help. Over the next few weeks, Susan and Nick start to fall for each other but there's a catch. The site guarantees love via the dating app and technically that's how the two met. So will they get their happily ever after or will they ditch love for the payout?

That's it, dear readers. That is the entire plot of Love Guaranteed. If you love schmaltzy predictable romcoms then this will be right up your street. For me, it was so overly saccharine – complete with long sad gazes out of rainy windows – that I thought I would cringe to death.

There is zero edginess to it. Packed with cliches, it was all just a bit too OTT on the cheese for this reviewer. I'd much rather recommend cleverer movies like Plus One or Destination Wedding. However, I know that this loved up style will have plenty of you tuning in for a good ole dose of romance so fill your boots because there's more than enough of it in Love Guaranteed.


  • Sweet Romcom
  • Chemistry Between The Leads
  • Listening To Tiffany On Repeat


  • Schmaltzy
  • Predictable
  • Devoid Of Any Edginess


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