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Love in the Villa follows Julie as she heads to Verona on holiday only to find her villa has been double booked and she must now share it with an annoyingly charming British Man named Charlie. If you love romcoms...

Love in the Villa sees the always watchable and likeable Kat Graham back on our screens as a hyper organised young woman named Julie.

Julie is dating Brandon, and the two have planned a trip to romantic Verona where Julie thinks Brandon will finally pop the question.

But before she can even get there, Brandon dumps her leaving her heartbroken.

So with nothing else to do, she decides to go to Italy anyway. But from the get-go nothing goes to plan, especially when she arrives at the villa only to discover that it has been double booked.

Now Julie will have to share her vacation with a very good-looking but cynical British man named Charlie (Tom Hopper, The Umbrella Academy).

When the two initially don't get along Julie decides to drive him out of the villa. But Charlie won't go so easily and after some minor disagreements, they decide to make the best of a bad situation.

Unsurprisingly, they actually start to get along and realise that maybe sharing the villa and the holiday is not such a bad thing.

Love in the Villa Official Trailer

Is Love in the Villa Worth Watching?

Did you love watching Purple Hearts? Or maybe Falling Inn Love? Basically, if you love a solid romantic comedy movie then Love in the Villa is for you.

Kat Graham (The Holiday Calendar) is her wonderful self again and it really is great to see Tom Hopper play a character other than Luther Hargreaves.

Their on screen chemistry pops and who doesn't love a plot where a rented villa comes with its own annoyingly attractive stranger – in a fun way that is!

You won't get anything unique with Love in the Villa but you will get Kat Graham and Tom Hopper having fun and falling in love witha few laughs thrown in.

And there's nothing really wrong with any of that.

Love in the Villa Release Date

Netflix have been knocking out the hits at a phenomenal pace this year. And they have also realised that a great romantic comedy can bring in the viewers as much as an action flick.

Filming began in Verona, Italy in 2021 and wrapped up a few months later.

The good news is that Netflix have announced a release date for Love in the Villa on September 1st 2022.

Love in the Villa Netflix Cast

From director Mark Stephen Johnson (Love, Guaranteed, Ghost Rider, Christopher Robin), comes Love in the Villa. He is also the writer and producer alongside Margret H. Huddleston and Stephanie Slack.

Kat Graham as Julie, a romantic woman who goes on holiday to Verona only to discover the villa she is renting has been double booked.

Tom Hopper as Charlie, a pragmatic English man on holidays who shares the villa with Julie

Laura Hopper as Cassie

Sean Amsing as Roberto

Lorenzo Lazzarini as Uberto


  • Kat Graham & Tom Hopper Are Great Together
  • Perfect Balance Of Romance And Comedy
  • So Easy To Watch


  • It's Not Exactly A Unique Concept
  • Usual Romcom Tropes


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