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Throw together a group of stunning young singles into a Villa in Mallorca and it is not just the weather that gets hot - Love Island is a truly addictive dating Reality TV Show.

Love Island takes the concept reality TV and spices things up to the max, what seems like a trashy idea to grab viewers and increase ratings seems does exactly what it says on the tin.

There has been heaps of reality TV series that have cropped up over the years with most of them falling flat on their faces through lack of substance. The likes of Big Brother started to become stale to the audience as we were fed the same thing over and over, but the creators of Love Island have certainly changed that. The show is smashing all records for viewers and is now the most watched TV show ever on ITV2 and it is easy to see why.

Let's be honest here this is not a show that is deep in content and you are certainly not going to learn a great deal watching it. The recipe is simple – get a large luxury villa in a hot sunny place (Mallorca) then throw in some very hot young singles and serve them up wearing next to nothing. The object is to find a partner to ultimately be up for the £50,000 prize money for the best couple, what generally happens is the boys and girls jump from one bed to another repeatedly as the show progresses.

Yes I know that sounds like mind-numbing rubbish, but if you accept it for what it is Love Island becomes very addictive. Netflix has two seasons to watch with season two having 43 episodes and you can be sure that season three will be popping up soon. Episodes range from 45 minutes to 70 minutes but they fly by because there is no shortage of tears and tantrums, so if you are looking for some simple fun to binge on head over to Love Island.

Update: Unfortunately, Love Island, Season 4 is no longer available on Netflix or Amazon.


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