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Amazon Prime has delved into the reality dating pool with Lovestruck High where single strangers head back to school hoping to find love. Sadly it's contrived and uninspired, devoid of any real drama or depth.

Is there no end to the way a reality dating show can be conjured up? We've had Love is Blind, Love Island, Temptation Island, Too Hot To Handle and now we have Lovestruck High.

So what does Lovestruck High have to offer that separates it from the rest of the pack? As you may have guessed from the name, our singletons are heading back to school.

But this is no ordinary school, it is an American styled High School and all the boys and girls in attendance are looking for love. Or more Instagram followers, it's hard to know really.

Narrated by Lindsay Lohan, we start the show off with 15 single young men and women. Gay and straight, none of them have ever met but on the first day, they are tasked with finding a partner for the annual homecoming party on the first night.

Some have instant matches, others have to work a little harder to get a date. And of course, they must also attend classes which are really just fillers for them to get to know each other better.

Love matches are made and some last, some don't and so the hunt for their one true love continues. And so do all of the usual American high school tropes that we've seen in the movies.

So expect gym class, a Lovestruck High spelling bee, a sex ed class, summer camp, cheerleading, a hit drama class, a traditional diner, school talent show and even the county fair arrives.

Where Lovestruck High differs from the usual reality dating shows is that here, pupils can get expelled!

Expulsions usually come from other students who have to choose who is sent packing; camp crush students anyone?

So not only do the contestants have to find love and be crowned prom royalty, they have to actually try and stay in the show as well.

Is Lovestruck High Worth Watching?

If you love high octane reality dating drama then this is the show for you.

There are enough distractions and twists (two new contestants enter the show with a very secret mission) to make it watchable especially as the whole crux of the show hinges on the end game – Prom!

Two people will be crowned prom royalty and they will win $100,000. So there's a lot at stake and a lot to play for in this Amazon prime video series.

But let's be honest, we don't really care if they find love. Do we? We're here for the drama and we get it in spades on Lovestruck High.

Like most schools, there can be only one Queen Bee and a big bust-up decides who gets to wear the crown.

Arguments, back-stabbing, gossip, strategy…all hell breaks loose more than once and, I have to confess, it is fun to watch.

If you've already binged all of the other dating shows then watch Lovestruck High and enjoy the diverse group of UK singles as they try to find love and of course, a fabulous prize.

If you don't generally like this genre of show, Lovestruck High won't change your mind.

How Many Episodes In Lovestruck High?

Currently, six episodes of Lovestruck High have dropped on Amazon prime video.

Released weekly, three at a time, there are two more final episodes to go before the end of the semester.

That is when we finally get to find out just who the winning prom couple are and who has won the show and the money.

So there are eight episodes in total in Lovestruck High.

Who Narrates Lovestruck High?

The fabulous Lindsay Lohan is the Lovestruck High narrator and she does an excellent job at it.

She actually brings enough wit and sarcasm to make the show bearable so whoever wrote her script deserves a clap on the back.

If you have been living under a rock and don't know who Lindsay Lohan is then check out classics such as Mean Girls and Freaky Friday.

Lovestruck High Cast

Other than the original 15 single strangers, more do join the show so we end up with 20 different contestants plus three actors who pose as the school principal Nelson, coach Hughes, and class teacher Miss Kelly.

Ria Lina as Principal Nelson

Russell Hicks as Coach Hughes

Chloe Zeitounian as teacher Miss Kelly

Lindsay Lohan as the narrator

Love Struck High Contestants

You can't have a reality show without a gaggle of desperados ready to line up and put it all on the line for a bump in their social media profiles.

This year's crop of wannabees are:

KT Franklin

Megan Vail

Junaid Ahmed

Yasmine Raveea Morsi

Jess Doolan

Geoff Cheung

Jody Williams

Huss Zalzale

Alex Dean

Dan Elward

Basit Eniafe

Charlie Curtis

Max O'Dwyer

Theo McDermott

Chante Andrews

Adam Jordan

Sinae Prendergast

Alexis Andre Jr.

Kyle Coleman

Beth Stamford

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  • A Different Setting From The Usual Beach Vibe
  • Some Twists


  • Contrived Matches
  • Made Up Drama
  • Not Engaging Enough


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