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The power of Love knows no boundaries and will always find a way. This incredible true story outlines a couples battle to overturn racist laws, so they can be free to make their life together as Husband and Wife.

Loving is a beautifully restrained portrayal of the struggles faced by Richard and Mildred Loving. This couple are deeply in Love, but once they marry they find themselves in prison. The laws of Virginia during the 1960's stated that interracial marriage was against the law. Their love never fails and support for them pushes them all the way to the supreme court. Their triumph in 1967 changed the lives of millions forever and the day is now remembered as Loving Day.

The beautiful focus in this film is firmly on the couple involved. The audience is given a close up intimate view of their loving connection, the backbone to the story. Director and writer Jeff Nichols does a wonderful job with this. Where other directors would have overly dramatised this tale, Nichols keeps the focus firmly where it should be. The incredible cinematography captures the emotions perfectly, all the scenes of the Loving couple are remarkably touching.

With such a powerful story, it is fair to say that the two lead actors did an outstanding job. Playing the roles of Richard and Mildred Loving, they display a real connection that is totally convincing. Joel Edgerton, one of the most underrated actors around gives another Oscar-worthy performance. Irish actress Ruth Negga is incredible as Mildred, she was rightly nominated for an Oscar and should have won. The other standout in the cast is Michael Shannon, playing a photographer from Life magazine.

This movie tackles the horrors of race inequality really well. It manages to pull a whole range of reactions from the viewer, ranging from disgust to tears of happiness. Yes, it is a very powerful tale. But if you are looking for a true love story, that has substance, then this is it. This film is a brilliant choice to watch on Netflix for some real Loving.


  • Powerful Story
  • Beautifully Restrained
  • Outstanding Lead Performances


  • Ruth Negga should have won an Oscar


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