Lying and Stealing

Lying and Stealing

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Art thief Ivan is trying to pay back his father's debts to Dimitri but knows that with one last job on the line, his days are numbered unless he can come up with a plan to stay alive. Has its issues but overall an ok crime drama.

Lying and Stealing is a surprisingly good movie on Netflix. I'd never heard of it but saw that Theo James (Sanditon and Divergent) was in it so gave it a watch. I'm not sure what I was expecting, probably a cliched low-budget crime caper but instead, I got a decent, engaging crime drama. James plays Ivan, a thief who leads a fairly uninteresting life except for stealing millions of dollars worth of art. It quickly, though a little obscurely, becomes evident that he doesn't actually steal them for himself, but for a crime broker called Dimitri aka ‘The Greek', as a way to pay back his father's debt.

Knowing full well, that if he ever does come to a resolution with Dimitri (Fred Melamed) he will likely then be killed off, he must come up with a plan to stay alive. By chance, he comes across Elyse (Emily Ratajkowski from I Feel Pretty), a black-listed actress who is trying to pay back $250K to a producer that she robbed. She needs money and Ivan needs a way out so together they team up for one last haul. The haul in question is the stealing of an Adolf Hitler self-portrait. Ivan's cut is $500K, enough to bail them both out of trouble.

However, Dimitri isn't stupid and once it becomes clear that an FBI agent is on to Ivan, it becomes a kill or be killed situation. Along with his bipolar brother, Ivan must concoct a plan to get them out from under Dimitri, the FBI and the movie producer. And while that may sound a little far-fetched, the pacing of Lying and Stealing, though slow, doesn't rush the process. It's far more of a drama than a high-stakes action movie.

Lying and Stealing is only the second writing credit from Matt Aselton, and his third as director, so in that regard, it's a decent enough movie. Sure, it's not an A list film and was probably created on a modest budget so it does have issues. That said, other than it's slow pace and a couple of plot holes, it was actually enjoyable and better than a lot of other hyped up movies.


  • Decent Story
  • Quite Engaging
  • Good Characters


  • Very Slow Pacing
  • Needed A Bit More Action
  • Too Subtle


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