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A funny, quirky teen comedy about a group of misfits who enroll in the Malibu Junior Rescue program for the Summer. Can they prove their worth and win over their fellow lifeguards? Think Baywatch for kids but with more laughs.

Think Baywatch for kids and that just about sums up Malibu Rescue. This really is a very funny movie and is perfect for older children (and parents!). The story follows Tyler, a bit of a misfit at school. Having gotten himself into trouble one too many times, his stepdad decides to enroll him in a junior lifeguards program. The idea is that he will learn some discipline and straighten himself out.

Tyler, along with three other teens from the Valley, board the clapped out school bus and head off to the beach. From the get-go, it's made pretty clear that they are simply not wanted. Malibu Junior Rescue Squad leader Brody decides to make their lives as difficult as possible. With a major competition coming up, he allocates them an inexperienced team captain. Basically, so they will lose.

This also helps Garvin Cross (Ian Ziering) who runs the program. He was forced to take ‘Valley' kids and needs to prove they don't belong. And to be fair, Tyler (Ricardo Hurtado) doesn't want to be there either. So much so that he deliberately ramps up the antics in a bid to get booted out. But when he discovers that his actions are impacting his team he cuts the unruly behavior and knuckles down.

Now, looking like they might actually be real competition, the snobby kids are out to sabotage them. Can the team survive and actually win ‘The Crucible' at the end of training? Or will Brody and Cross get what they want?

Well, SPOILER ALERT, this is a teen comedy movie so of course, there's a happy ending. This is a tale about underdogs and overcoming obstacles and the Valley kids do just that. But it's all done with tonnes of good humour and some very funny quips that will actually have you laughing quite a lot.

Abby Donnelly (Just Add Magic) plays Lizzie and is quite a fun character. As is Ella Gross who plays Tyler's scheming step-sister. Overall it is an easy-watch, great for family movie night and the best bit is that there is a Malibu Rescue series coming to Netflix on the back of it!


  • Very Funny
  • Great For Movie Night
  • Fast Paced


  • Predictable


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