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Kevin Hart plays Sonny Fisher, a stay-at-home Dad who needs some 'Me Time' so he meets up with his best friend Huck, Mark Wahlberg, for a wild weekend of adventure in this so-so comedy.

Like a lot of other actors and moviemakers, Kevin Hart has done very well in his deal with Netflix. With an already decent list of movies on the streaming platform, Me Time is the latest addition.

So what is Me Time all about? Sonny Fisher (Kevin Hart) is a stay at home dad who is consumed with being the perfect parent. He heads up the PTA, arranges the coffee mornings, is directing the talent show, and is a rock solid support to his architect wife Maya Fisher (Regina Hall).

He is also best friends with Huck Dembo (Mark Wahlberg), but where Sonny has matured and settled into family life, Huck has not.

When Huck invites Sonny on his wild birthday adventure, he reluctantly attends, only because he needs some ‘me time'. But of course, in true Kevin Hart comedy style, nothing goes to plan.

Me Time Official Trailer

Is Me Time Worth Watching?

Despite being panned by critics, Me Time is not terrible. It's your typical buddy comedy full of crazy antics, stupid conversations and completely implausible scenarios.

But it's a comedy. It's not high-brow drama, it's just supposed to entertain, and in that respect, it does a sort-of-decent job.

Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg are funny together with Mark Wahlberg's dim witted Huck a great juxtaposition to Hart's sensible and straightlaced Sonny.

Of course it isn't perfect. There are plenty of scenes that maybe sounded a lot funnier on paper than when they were translated to the big screen. And some of the gags are just cheap – like slipping on pet poo. Why?

And it is incredibly formulaic. We've seen this set up a million times before, though in this case, it's the constant franticness of Kevin Hart that takes it to a whole new level of daft.

That said, the supporting cast is excellent with Andrew Santino as Sonny's friend and Ilia Isorelýs Paulino as Thelma the Uber driver shining.

But overall, this is a movie that was phoned in. It's not original, has way too many characters, no ‘wild weekend' other than Hart trying to clean up Huck's messes and as a Netflix movie goes, could have been a lot better considering they probably threw money at it.

Me Time Netflix Release Date

Directed by John Hamburg, Kevin Hart joined the cast in February 2021. Mark Wahlberg and Regina Hall soon followed.

Filming took place in the same year, and Netflix released Me Time on August 26, 2022.

Me Time Movie Cast

Kevin Hart (Night School) as Sonny Fisher, who hooks with his friend Huck for a wild weekend

Mark Wahlberg (Joe Bell) as Huck Dembo, Sonny's old friend

Regina Hall as Maya Fisher, Sonny's wife

Luis Gerardo Méndez (The Resort) as Armando Zavala, Maya's client

Jimmy O. Yang as Stan Berman, a loan shark

Che Tafari as Dashiell Fisher, Sonny and Maya's son

Amentii Sledge as Ava Fisher, Sonny and Maya's daughter

John Amos as Gil

Anna Maria Horsford as Connie

Andrew Santino as Alan Geller, Sonny's parent friend

Deborah S. Craig as Bethany

Naomi Ekperigin as Jill

Drew Droege as Combover Stew

Ilia Isorelys Paulino as Thelma, the Uber driver

Tahj Mowry as Kabir, beekeeper friend of Huck

Carlo Rota as Alberto

Seal as himself


  • Funny In Parts
  • Light Entertainment
  • Some Excellent Supporting Cast


  • Kevin Hart's Energy Borders On Frantic
  • Could Have Been So Much Funnier
  • Unoriginal Buddy Comedy


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