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Meet Megamind the greatest supervillain the World has ever seen - Well almost. Watch Megamind take on Metro Man in this hugely funny superhero story with an all-star cast.

Megamind takes elements from famous superhero movies and cleverly creates spoof characters from these classics. He and his nemesis Metro Man come to Earth after escaping the destruction of their Home Planet – sounds like Superman Hey. Whilst Metro Man is adored by the humans of Metro city, with statues and even a museum. Megamind chooses the path of the supervillain and comes up with spectacular but quite bizarre ways to defeat Metro Man and take control of the city.

The animation is slick and the characters are strong. Metro Man looks every bit the classic Superman style superhero; clean-cut, chisel-jawed, with a huge M on his chest, he has the ability to fly and his Super suit has the obligatory cape. Megamind is the polar opposite to Metro Man, instead of being blessed with good looks, amazing strength and the ability to fly. Megamind is short with a huge blue head, he even has huge soles on his boots to make himself look taller. He dresses like a member of the Heavy Metal band Kiss and looks so bizarre that you almost feel Sorry for him. He seems to have no superpowers but does have an incredibly inventive mind (maybe because of his giant brain) and he puts this skill to task by building huge weapons, which even surprise him in the film as one of his weapons surprisingly works to full effect.

It is easy to see that Megamind is targeting adults as much as children – whilst children will love this film and will find it entertaining the cast and script is very much targeting adults. Megamind is played by Will Ferrell, Metro Man is played by Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill plays Titan and all of these characters have lines that only an adult would fully understand. Even the love interest within the film has quite a deep and unusual twist to it that challenges some very deep emotions.

This is a fun film for all the family – it has something for everyone and if you are a fan of Will Ferrell, you will love what he adds to this bizarre character.


  • Great Animation
  • Will Farrell & Brad Pitt
  • Very Funny


  • Not Quite as Good as a Pixar Movie


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