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Million Dollar Beach House

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Million Dollar Beach House is the latest show to cash in on the relatively new phenomena of Property Porn. And where better to indulge your voyeuristic tendencies, than the holiday pads of the rich and famous in the exclusive Hamptons.

Million Dollar Beach House is a six-part Netflix series that follows a team of young real estate agents selling property in the most elite vacation destination in America – The Hamptons. Two hours east of New York City you'll find the coastal hamlets of Westhampton, East Hampton, Sag Harbor and Southampton. Together they make up the exclusive playground of city financiers, celebrities and the politically connected, known as The Hamptons.

Homes in the area don't come cheap; the median price is 2 million dollars. However, it's not unusually for desirable properties to sell for 20 million or more. These high price tags make the area a lucrative hunting ground for savvy real estate agents or ‘Realtors' as the Americans like to call them.

Nest Seekers is a Hamptons based firm with a portfolio of properties just waiting for wealthy buyers. The series focuses on the five young professionals working for the company. The team is Noel, Peggy, Michael, J.B. and James. A realtor can make upwards of 1 million dollars in commissions in a good season selling homes in the exclusive enclave.

While the Nest Seekers team provide plenty of drama during the six 25 minute episodes. The real stars of this show are the properties on sale. Let's be honest; we're only tuning in to see how the other half live! The homes featured on Million Dollar Beach House are truly unbelievable. Tennis courts, infinitely pools and private Yacht moorings all come as standard with these homes.

Overall, this series hits all the right notes. You get to see plenty of incredible homes, and it's all done with a little drama thrown in for good measure. If you enjoy shows like Selling Sunset or The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties, then this will be right up your street. However, it's a street where you can't afford to buy a home!


  • Entertaining
  • Likeable Realtors
  • Amazing Homes


  • Leaves You Feeling Envious


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