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The funny, talented Trixie Mattel has taken the world by storm and Moving Parts is the insightful documentary that reveals her life behind the drag curtain.

Anybody who has ever watched RuPaul's Drag Race or Trixie & Katya reviewing Netflix shows on Youtube will know who Trixie Mattel is. She is the drag queen superstar and one of the most recognisable faces in the industry. Having appeared on season 7 of Drag Race, she shot to fame alongside friend and business partner Katya, building a huge fan base on their YouTube show, which then became a tv show. Moving Parts is a documentary that charts her rise and fame on the run-up to the All Stars series as she embarks on a 40 city tour with her show, aptly named Moving Parts.

It is a fascinating watch, not least because it's more of a behind the scenes rather than an ode to Trixie Mattel. Brian Firkus, the man behind Trixie, is an incredibly talented guy. A singer-songwriter and comedian, Brian grew up in Milwaukee in very difficult circumstances. With an abusive, alcoholic stepfather, Brian moved out of the family home at 15 years old and went to live with his grandparents. It was there that he developed his love of country music which has led to the release of two albums. Blending his music, comedy skills and drag, he has produced three sell-out tours across the world, broadening his fan base with each show.

Moving Parts chronicles the trials, tribulations, and demands of not just touring, but also endlessly performing as Trixie Mattel. From appearing on All Stars to the breakdown of his relationship with Katya, nothing is off limits in this documentary. Whether or not you're already a drag queen fan is irrelevant, because this isn't so much about drag as it is about one specific performer. Interestingly there are a lot of parallels between Trixie's life and that of Alyssa Edwards (Dancing Queen), both of whom had tough upbringings. Despite this they are both beacons of positivity and through their drag personas, radiate pure joy.

If Moving Parts has a lesson it's that no matter how good you think somebody's life is, there's always more to the story. Props to Brian Firkus for pulling back the curtain on the glamour and fun and giving us all a little more insight into his wonderful world.


  • Very Honest Documentary
  • Really interesting Look At the World Of Drag
  • Trixie Mattel Is Pure Joy


  • Needed More Actual Interviews With Trixie


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