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Mr and Mrs Smith follows John and Jane, two people thrown together as a married couple to live as spies for a covert international agency. But what happens when their relationship begins to decline?

I love a good reboot, particularly if it was a show or film that I loved. Who doesn't? Of course, not all are hugely successful, with many losing the essence of what originally made them great.

So, how does the 2024 version of Mr. & Mrs. Smith stack up against the original film?

It's been nearly 20 years (yes, really!) since Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt lit up the big screen, so Donald Glover and Maya Erskine really have a lot to live up to.

This time around, rather than remake the movie, creators Francesca Sloane and Donald Glover opted for eight episodes to tell the story of two unlikely people thrown together to live out their lives as spies.

So is it any good? More importantly, is it worth watching on Prime Video?

What Is Mr and Mrs Smith About?

Seemingly bored with their lives and ready for something new, two people sign up to an international spy organisation, both requesting ‘high risk' duties.

They are then paired up and, having never met each other, must live life as an assuming bored married couple.

So now John Smith (Donald Glover) and Jane Smith (Maya Erskine) not only have to get to know each other but also carry out dangerous covert operations.

Things start well enough for John and Jane Smith as they get into the swing of their new lives.

But when they fail in one of their tasks, they are told that they have two fails left. The implications are clear. Fail three times, and they are out. And not out of a job. Out out. Of life.

But as the episodes roll on so too do the stages of their married life. From getting to know each other to loving each other, grating on each other, to hating each other.

It's the complete breakdown of a fake marriage but one with dire consequences if they cannot get along.

With various trials and tribulations along the way, these two must find a way to live and work with each other but can they?

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Official Trailer

Is Mr. & Mrs. Smith Worth Watching?

The format for this show is interesting. Each episode chronicles a stage in their marriage, so you have to accept that months have passed each time.

The problem with that is that if you binge the episodes, it feels like there is no time between them being in love and trying to kill each other.

It goes from getting to know you to all guns blazing, and the transition in their personalities jumps so quickly that it's hard to see where the problems stem from. Though the episode with Sarah Paulson as a marriage therapist is excellent and does bridge some of those gaps.

I'm not sure if the chemistry between Glover and Erskine is there. I get that her personality lends itself to her being a closed-off character, but there was no sizzle.

That said, my other half thought they were great together, so I guess it depends on your perspective.

Originally, Phoebe Waller-Bridge was supposed to play the role of Jane Smith, but she exited the project in September 2021 due to creative differences with Glover.

I'm no sure how much of a difference that would have made to the show. Guess we'll never know!

There are plenty of guest stars – Alexander Skarsgard, Paul Dano, Wagner Moura, Sharon Horgan, and Ron Perlman but once their episode is done, so too are any storylines to do with them.

It takes a few episodes to realise that these side characters are superfluous and that it's only the relationship between Mr and Mrs Smith that is important.

As for the ending. Well, that's ambiguous enough to either give you a fully satisfied story or leave the door open for a second season. It will all depend on how much you like it.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Cast

Donald Glover (Community) as John Smith

Maya Erskine (Plus One) as Jane Smith

Guest Stars

Alexander Skarsgård as First Other John

Eiza González as First Other Jane

Paul Dano as Harris, the next-door neighbour

John Turturro as Eric Shane, a billionaire target

Sharon Horgan as Gavol Martin

Billy Campbell as Parker Martin

Sarah Paulson as a marriage therapist

Parker Posey as Second Other Jane

Wagner Moura as Second Other John

Úrsula Corberó as Rooney, John's ex-girlfriend

Ron Perlman as Toby Hellinger

Michaela Coel as Bev

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  • Solid Character Progression
  • Great Guest Stars
  • Funny & Relatable In Parts


  • Leads Chemistry Is Debatable
  • Ambiguous Ending
  • Pacing Issues In The Middle


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